IHers, do you have a morning checklist?

If I don't set a limit, and browse IH posts as the first thing in the morning, half an hour goes by easily without me knowing.

Don't get it wrong. Some IH posts are quite inspiring or informational. But most of the time they are not related to what I'm doing.

So I use a morning checklist now, to make sure I'm on top of things.

My list looks like something below:

  • Check calendar & note down important meetings
  • Quickly browse yesterday's notes & note down
  • PR# to do code review

These are the things I would do it quickly without taking too much time.

Also, I like the habit stacking idea mentioned in Atomic Habits by James Clear, but found it to intimidating if the list grows too long, so I try to keep it short.

Do you have a similar morning checklist? What does it look like?

If not, what method do you use to manage your morning time?

  1. 4


    1. Run
    2. Pushups and sit-ups
    3. Stretch
    4. Shave head
    5. Collect and review metrics
    6. Household finances
    7. Clear inbox
    8. Check social media
    9. Directional review (focus, goals, habits)
    10. Set desk to stand

    Once all of these are out of the way, I tend to focus on a single project/task (if possible). I find that this helps me get into deep work and feel like I’ve actually accomplished something.

    1. 1

      Nice. I like the way you add exercise to the list. I should do that too.

      1. 1

        It’s the easiest one to skip, but also the one that I probably benefit from most.

  2. 3

    Every day, without exception:

    1. block access to distracting websites using Freedom (this is actually automated so I don't have to do it manually)
    2. review my mission (a set of near- and long-term life goals and affirmations)
    3. 10- to 15-minute home workout (I've got some basic equipment in my apartment)
    4. drink a 400-calorie soylent (all other daily meals will be solid food; soylent is just useful in the morning for consistency's sake)
    5. 10- to 15-minute meditation
    6. go for a brief "reading walk" outside (I'll either listen to a professionally relevant audiobook or I'll use Android's text-to-speech functionality to listen to useful blog posts, articles, newsletters)
    7. back home: work time
    1. 1

      I like the "reading walk" part. I usually re-listen to some of my bookmarked IH podcasts :P

      After the reading walk, do you write down any notes? I found notes-writing helps organize thoughts and assimilate the knowledge faster.

      Also, I found that re-listening made me notice new things that I missed during the first listen.

      1. 1

        Yep, I'll stop and jot the note down in my phone the second I hear something worth remembering.

  3. 1

    (it's not actually yoga, but I realized my position during the day is not the best so I have a bit of stretching. IT HELPS A LOT. I don't know why but this helps me setting a mindset for the day. No music, no noise.)
    2. Hygiene + coffee
    3. Read the newsletter
    4. Clear inbox
    5. Social media
    5. Got through my to-do list

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