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Ruby close approximately 75% of his SaaS demos. You can copy it too by @rubyruss

1 - Speak to prospects/leads in their language, as humans.
Questions like 'What is the problem you are looking to solve?' and "What are your pain points?" are actually quite jarring, and 99% of the time doesn't get you any insights.

"What led you to book this call today?" or "What's the reason for our call?" are much more natural and offer a much more fluid starting point for an exploratory call.

2 - Don't feel pressured to get into a feature comparison, shoot out.
The most common question you usually get is 'How are you different to x?

"The most obvious thing would be to go back with your key difference or 'value proposition' as expensive consultants call it. However, it's sort of like Russian Roulette. At that point, you have no idea if the key difference is what they are after. One simple question you can ask to get to the bottom of why they are talking to you is "Can I ask why you are looking for an alternative to x?"

It will immediately get you to the right features to focus on (if you have them.) To be honest, most time it comes down to cost but at least you have the right starting point.

3 - Follow up.
Seriously don't feel bad about this, just be realistic. Someone's time looking for a new software tool maybe like 5% of their day. The other 95% of the day is about running and making decisions about their own business. Things can get put on the back burner for completely valid reasons. So follow up...but always take new information to them.

"I just wanted to follow up" or "Just circling back on this..." are really pestering and offer no value. Compared to "I wanted to send through a case study" or "Here are some reviews of our product from G2 Crowd" These things offer value and are a nice set up to, "...and just wanted to see how your decision was coming along"


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Run an annual content audit to increase organic traffic

Siege Media's client ran a content audit and ended up removing 15% of its content. Counter-intuitive as it may seem, this led to a 50% increase in traffic. And they aren't alone --- many others have seen similar results.

To run a content audit of your own, decide what constitutes a good level of traffic for your pages. Then use services like SEMRush and Ahrefs to review your site. If a page doesn't have enough traffic and there are no backlinks, delete it.

If a page doesn't have enough traffic but it does have backlinks, try to improve it. If it isn't salvageable, see if the content would add value to another article, and give it a 301 redirect. Then repeat this every year.

To automate the process, either check out this Google Sheets template or (for the WordPress users among you) check out Ahrefs' free plugin.


  • If someone is using a competitor's product, then he is also a potential customer of your product.
  • For those who want their [email protected] to <[email protected],> use, an open-source free email forwarding service for custom domains.- is an open-source alternative to firebase.
  • Use to create screenshots in browser frames like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and even in Internet Explorer. You can toggle between dark and light mode.
  • Trendin is a simple tool that alerts you as soon as a specified term is mentioned on LinkedIn so that you don't miss any business opportunities and lets you control your brand image on LinkedIn.
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