I'll be your customer right away

Hello All,

I joined IH 6 months ago, and I've fallen in love with the community. I'm admirative how people on Indie Hacker are motivated to move things up. So much learned from you guys.

I'm launching my team and work management software very soon, so I've decided to switch all my tools stack to the Indie tools, starting now.

I'll be your customer if you have any tools in competition or not with the tools I'm using. Post your product and tell me how you can help, and I'll be your customer right away if it suits my needs.

What's I want to achieve: Automate as much as possible my work process from development to marketing and sales.

Here is my tools stack :

IHs products, I am Using :

SpreadTheWorld - $49- purchased it today, and it's Amazing directories from @xavier Xavier Coiffard - I highly recommend it. If it's not good, I'll give you my arm for free.

Tools I want to leave for Indie products:

Buffer - $15/month -- I'll pay a bit more if yours include RSS Feed
Mailchimp - $14,99/month ---
Google Analytics - Free - I can pay for analytics if it's not pricy
Grammarly - free - I can pay for less pricy than Grammarly
Canva - $12,99

Tools that may be useful for me :

*Product feedback tool.
*A video and subtitle software.
*Any affordable SEO tool.

If you feel like your tool can help me one way or another, and it's not on the list, pitch it in the comment, and we'll see.

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    I can recommend plausible for analytics and email octopus for a mailchimp replacement (I just ditched mailchimp for email octopus a month or so ago and haven’t looked back).

    Both are IH products.

    1. 3

      I'm a big fan of Plausible as well!

    2. 2

      Thanks for the recommendation!

      1. 2

        Happy to recommend amazing products!

    3. 2

      thanks Mick @Primer. I've created an account on Octopus, I'll try it for a couple of day and I'll see. Thanks again

  2. 4

    Woo man, thank you 🙏🙏🙏

    1. 1

      Thanks to you. great work :-)

  3. 3

    I just launched, Tether, which is a product feedback and bug reporting tool.

    We offer a 14-day free trial and I would be more than happy to answer any questions you might have. You would be our third team on board!

  4. 3

    You can use upvoty.com for product feedback tool and emailoctopus.com to replace mailchimp. Both are great products from IH users

    1. 1

      I've already replace mailchimp with octopus email.
      Upvoty seems good too. I'll try it.
      Thanks @natagon 🙏🏽

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    As an IndieHacker, I can only praise your effort!
    Not strictly on your list, but I encourage you to check out my tool:
    CodeWrite - blogging tool for developers.

    It's a browser extension that combines a great rich content editor (works with Grammarly, accepts Markdown shortcuts, and has a dedicated, embedded code editor and formatter), with an auto-filling system for publishing your posts within one click on supported platforms (currently Ghost blogs, Medium, DEV, and Hashnode) while also handling incompatibilities between them (converting code snippets to GitHub Gists on Medium, resizing images on DEV, etc.)

    It's free with some limits, and unlimited plans start at $3/month or $30/year. So if you are a technical blogger or know any, I'd appreciate a try or a mention accordingly. ♥

    1. 1

      I'm not a technical writer but my co-founder is. I tried your tool, and it's very smooth, I like. I'll share it with my co-founder 🙏🏽

  6. 3

    I sel sell landing pages on www.WickedTemplates.com.

    They are made with Tailwind CSS and csm be integrated with any JS framework.

    Also, there is a 50$ discount going on right now.


    Coming soon with Next.js

  7. 2

    Hey there!

    We are building https://brainrain.app — tool for group brainstorming. Might reduce number of meetings you have to brainstorm ideas or solutions with your team.

    We'd be pleased to help you generate great ideas

  8. 2

    If you need product videos + app mockups, my product MockRocket.io makes it easy to create 3D mockups and animations!

  9. 2

    Hey hey , why don't you try fire hunt. We had an amazing launch yesterday on product hunt.
    It Finds you product launches from all over the web and serves it in a beautiful digestible form.

    Find it at https://firehunt.pages.dev

    Or https://www.producthunt.com/posts/fire-hunt

  10. 2

    Hi Ibrahima, I'm Stefan, the founder of https://Friendly.is.

    We're offering software for marketing automation and web analytics. Both are fairly priced and privacy friendly.

    We're part of this community and we are an open startup: https://friendly.is/open

  11. 2

    For video, I can jump in - https://cinematicstudio.app - note that it's free while in BETA (I want to launch in 3 weeks), and a HUGE update is coming right up tomorrow.

    The whole idea of my app is to make video editing seamless and insanely fast. Hope that helps :D

  12. 2

    Rocket is a boilerplate for building production ready SaaS apps using Nodejs React MongoDB. It comes with built-in authentication, user management and stripe subscriptions. Hope you find it useful!

  13. 2

    Hey, for seo optimization I recommend https://pagemtr.com. It also monitors very deeply each aspect of a given website. You could sell reports (I would give you as them as a "white label") and additionally offer your optimization services.

  14. 2

    I'm working on a Canva alternative. It takes your brand and automatically applies it to designs in one click. I'd love it if you would give it a go. The design tool is in Beta right now but if you sign up and message me your email I'll give you access. https://baseline.is

    Baseline preview

    1. 2

      I'm signing up as well!

      1. 1

        Awesome, send me your email once you've signed up so I can activate it for you.

    2. 2

      I've signing up. Send you my email on twitter

  15. 2

    If you are a developer, I recently released Crash Catch (https://crashcatch.com) focussed on keeping crash and error monitoring simple and affordable for other indie hackers and startups primarily. Be great to get some feedback, currently have official libraries for PHP, ReactJS, Android and just launched a Flutter library.

    To support another indiehacker, I recently removed Google Analytics from my websites and moved to Plausible (https://plausible.io).

  16. 2

    Hi @codeibrahima, good luck with your product.
    To collect user feedback, or with any form really, you can use form-data.com
    It's a backend service to handle your form submissions.
    Coming really soon is also a form builder unlike all the other form builders out there.

  17. 2

    Social Proof via reviews/testimonials. Yuphub (https://yuphub.com) we enable you to request and collect reviews from your customers on platforms that provide your company the most exposure. I just added Twitter as a platform.

    I'm happy to help onboard your company.

  18. 2

    Hi! Not my project, but saw this recently on indiehackers: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/raised-600k-and-rebranded-to-motionbox-84f920ee92
    I guess it can be useful regarding *A video and subtitle software

    1. 1

      Thanks. I'll get a look on this.

  19. 2

    Hello Ibrahima, This is a very kind gesture. When you launch your product, I would like to do a video interview with you to feature on https://www.productstartups.com/
    Good luck to you


    1. 1

      I'm interested. I'll be in touch 🙏🏽 thanks

  20. 2

    Heeeeeyyyy https://Userveys.com may fill your feedback need. Let me know!

  21. 2

    I don't want your money, but you should use my platform especially all these SaaS tools and niche pet projects on Funmetric (https://www.funmetric.co/invite-only). I'm removing a lot of the exposure friction and need to create new marketing initiatives for products by presenting discovery in a fun and easy-to-understand format across multiple verticals.

    Trust my words, I'm just starting to build its presence. Don't be a late adopter.

    1. 1

      I've just subscribe to your waitlist. 🙏🏽

  22. 2

    Hi @codeibrahima! This is awesome of you. I completely agree, support indiehackers over incumbents whenever you can! I certainly try to.

    I know this isn’t on your list, but if you use Calendly at all to schedule meetings and/or sales calls, my SaaS Schedulr is a tool to simplify meeting scheduling. We also want to take some of the burden off of the person actually scheduling the meetings, so I added the ability for anyone to overlay their own calendar to see mutually available times. I’d love for you to give us a look!


    1. 1

      Thank you @rickyio . My own tool include a calendar with feature like scheduling, reminder, chat and meeting notes but not as much advanced as yours. Probably I'll get in touch with you when we launch, see how we can cross platform 😇

      1. 2

        Sounds good! All the best.

  23. 2

    Playgroup is an indie solution to build and run your community on. Check it out and let me know what you think :) https://playgroup.community/

    1. 2

      Very interesting. I've created an account. I'll probably need this after launch. I've bookmarked your product. Awesome product

      1. 2

        Thank you for signing up and checking it out! Let me know any feedback :)

  24. 2

    Not sure how you are planning user support, but I started working in co-browsing tool project called Remota: https://remota.xyz (I am not charging at the moment)

    It allows you to do screen sharing straight from the browser, no extra-software required. Most importantly: it allows interactive sessions (highlighting and session control) and private data blocking.

    Well, there are more details on the page, but please let me know if the tool makes sense for your user on-boarding and support 😉

  25. 2

    MurList.com, a perfect alternative for sending cold emails using highly personalized videos - auto generated for each recipient.

  26. 2

    I run Blanq a custom URL shortener and link management tool.

    I looked at your website (welti) and here are a couple of things I can think of based on that:

    1. I guess you will have to manage and track a lot of links especially, marketing related. Blanq provides you all the tools to manage and track clicks. You can add your custom domain to shorten any link. Custom links have a higher click-through rates.

    2. I am soon going to release an API and I believe your users might want to share their work within your dashboard. You could integrate with our API and your shared links would look something like "link.welt.io/cool-thing" instead of a long ugly URL.

    Do these make sense to you?

    1. 1

      Do these make sense to you? Yes.

      I'm very interested in option 2. Let me know when it's available.

      1. 2

        Great. I will notify you as soon as it is ready.

  27. 2

    If you need a blog or simple site take a look at https://www.dynablogger.com/ ! :D

  28. 2

    Hi Ibrahima, great to hear your journey on product trials. Would be great to see you in users as well at https://retable.io
    Regards, Melih.

  29. 1

    Hey @codeibrahima, what a lovely gesture. Looking forward to seeing your journey and your launch here, too.

    Not sure if this fits into your 'product feedback tool' need, but I'm the founder of Cloutly, a reviews/feedback platform that helps you see, get, respond to and showcase reviews from all over the web (Google, FB, G2, Capterra, Google Play, Apple Appstore etc), plus collect internal feedack.

    We have a 14 day free trial, so feel free to check us out and see if we'd be a fit. Would love to have you!

    --> https://cloutly.org

  30. 1

    I made a multiuser whiteboard called Browserboard, in case you need to draw out ideas on calls.

  31. 1

    Hey. Try SocialBu for social media. It has RSS automation too.

    1. 2

      @usamaejaz thanks for sharing🔥. I’ll try it 🙏

      1. 2

        Thanks. let me know how it goes

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