I'll roast your landing page

I have seen quite a few landing pages in the past few months and reviewed a bunch, both publicly and privately; I want to see even more, and when possible, help indie hackers with their landing pages.

Post your landing page below and I'll roast it using the ABCD framework. I'll tell you:

  • what's Awesome
  • what's Boring
  • what's Confusing
  • what I Didn't believe

PS: I am no expert in landing pages, I'm learning, just as almost everybody on this website. I however believe a fresh pair of eye is always welcome on a landing page.

Let's go!

EDIT: I didn't expect this to blow up! I'll review everything that was posted before 17:00 GMT. Thanks everyone for playing along, I'll try and do this as often as I can.

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    Wooo! Check out thisisrags.com. Just launched a couple of days ago so the edges are rough, but be brutal.

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      Hey Josh!

      • what's awesome: I love that the site for "The coolest clothing brands on the planet" is called rags. This alone keeps me on your website for a little longer. your filter by categories is neat too!

      • what's boring: your minimalistic approach to a listing website makes it hard to find boring things: as such, nothing is boring!

      • what's confusing: what's the difference between top, new and hot? Also, I put in London to try it out and now I can't go back to the planet... Also, you can make a great use of emojis here, for surfing brands, sports brands, brands that are on fire, etc...

      • what didn't I believe: nothing

      I love seeing products out of the tech bubble, keep it up!

      1. 1

        Wicked feedback, really appreciate it Boris!

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      Hey @Calista110!

      • what's awesome: your integrations section and your how it works section. I love their brievrty and simplicity -> straight to the point. I know what tools are supported and which ones are coming soon.

      • what's boring: you have quite a few long-form videos on the main landing page, and besides I cannot seek through the videos, or at least, it's not obvious how to. I'd keep a single video on the main landing page and move all the others onto dedicated pages where I highlight the feature they describe in-depth.

      Instead of having the main headline and the video side by side, I'd put the video just underneath the text. As it stands, the text is squashed on the left, and it is not inviting. On this note, there's quite a lot of text on the page. When scrolling, at some point my brain switched off and I was just looking at the icons, which is not what you want from your visitors. It's on my 5th read of the page or so that I realised this is actually a free tool...

      • what's confusing: one of the key points of the product is "Create development-centric Agile boards from all your data". There are 6 occurrences of the word "agile" on the page but it's a tad misused. I'd recommend this great conference talk from one of the authors of The Manifesto for Agile Software Development -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a-BOSpxYJ9M

      • what didn't I believe: There are no testimonials from teams successfully using your tool. I'm guessing your own team would be using it and would make a case for it.

      I hope this helps you!

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        Hi @boristane, thank you so much for your feedback. We looked into the header, gave it more space.
        It's actually because of the Agile Manifesto that we updated our tool. We actually have a whole Agile feature on our platform. This landing page is not dedicated to Agile, but we thought it would be too bad not to talk about it.
        We are still improving our landing pages, your feedback lifts some important points. Thank you again for your help 👍

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    I welcome your roasting! https://polygonjs.com
    A pair of fresh eyes is always good, regardless of your expertise, so I'm looking forward to seeing you speak your mind!

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      Hey Guillaume!

      I can't even imagine the complexity of your project!

      • what's awesome: you convey pretty complex concepts in just a few words when describing your features.

      • what's boring: nothing; there's no superfluous text on the page and your copy is good!

      • what's confusing: again, nothing. I didn't go into the docs, but I expect the docs to be just as good.

      • what didn't I believe: is this being used in the industry? I saw on your about page you have quite a resume in the film industry; I would have expected a couple of testimonials from happy freelancers/studios/agencies.

      I hope this is of any help!

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        Fantastic, thank you so much for having taken the time to look and give feedback. And for the kind words too!

        And you are very correct that testimonials are lacking. The main reason is that it's just me using it for client projects at the moment. But that's indeed an area to improve the site, so it's high on my list.

        Thank you so much again, super generous initiative!

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    That’s awesome! What are your thoughts on duuce.com ?

    Thank you!

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      Hey Jonass, going to hope in here to give some feedback as a person that has looked through duuce previously.

      What turned me off (as a potential buyer) is the fact that I don't get the valuations of the newsletters listed, they seem crazy overvalued to me. If the 'Newsletter valuation' tab had a simple, easy-to-understand illustration of how an average newsletter gets valued, that might help. As an example from EmpireFlippers, they provide a multiple on monthly income that justifies the price point.

      Looking through the listings, I just couldn't grasp why a list of 500 with no revenue is worth 10k (I get that you don't set the price point yourself, of course).

      Hope this helps in some way!

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      Hey Jonas!

      First thing, when I opened your page, I got the popup to signup before even knowing anything about your product/service. which is usually a turn-off.

      • what's awesome: your headline is short and sweet, straight to the point. I love it.

      • what's boring: Nothing, and I looked for boring things on your page!

      • what's confusing: your buttons; the styling on this "List your newsletter for free" makes it look like it's a slider. and when I hover on the actual button next to it, the colour change is not consistent. It was pretty confusing what I was supposed to do there.

      • what didn't I believe: That you'd give an accurate valuation of my newsletter. I don't see any testimonial of customers satisfied with your valuation.

      I hope you find this helpful!

      1. 1

        Thanks! Applied your feedback! Will add testimonials asap. Super valuable.

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    Cheers Boris :)

    Social enhanced goals for makers and indie founders: https://trytomo.app/

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      Hey Jamal!

      • what's awesome: Your app mockups look really nice! and you showcase them straight in the hero

      • what's boring: too many hard words; for instance your headline "Socially-Enhanced Goals" doesn't mean much to me. Instead, something in the lines of "Join the community of software engineers launching products" (which is not very good in itself) would mean much more to someone getting on your landing page. Your features section has a lot of text people will literally not care about (such as the stats). I think you should streamline your copy.

      • what's confusing: your CTA says "instant access" but when I tried the app, it asked me to sign-up?

      • what Didn't I believe: Is this really going to help me launch my product this time around? Who has used this and actually launched a product? You need testimonials :)

      Hope this helps :)

      1. 1


        Some great points to consider here.

        Especially the need to streamline my copy. I've been told that there is too much text before. Will 100% work on that soon.

        Huh, it's interesting that you don't consider that instant access. When I think of instant access I think of not needing to pay or wait for some verification process or something.

        What do you think of?

        Yeah I need to figure out a way to get this across - I have no testimonials yet. It's been proven that these kinds of social arrangements improve the chances of people reaching a goal. To target founders, I specified a goal that I think many of us have.

        I guess I'll just have to deal with that for now, haha.

        1. 1

          Instant access -> I click I have access to the tool, no signup required.

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      I knew I recognized you from somewhere, turns out that amazing medium article about your journey with freecodecamp was on my bookmarks! Congrats on the new product looks very promising. Nice little touch with the visit counter, closing 90k views now 😀

      1. 1

        haha yes thank you! and yeah that medium article was my first real blog hit ever. pple still find me all the time and ask me how "no zero days" is going. i tell them i've stopped counting bc i've internalized it. check out my github commit graph :) https://github.com/sw-yx (altho ofc we all know that that is a lousy measure but :shrug:)

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      Hey Shawn!

      • what's Awesome: YOUR TESTIMONIALS - your product is targeted at developers and you have a ton of testimonials featuring compelling words from a lot of high profile developers.

      • what's Boring: the "What's in the book section". the headers are pretty much meaningless and didn't get me excited. "Principles", "Strategies", "Tactics"... they all mean relatively the same thing to me. I found the full table of contents much more helpful. I'd move the testimonials before this sections. Also, there are a few large blocks of text in the FAQ, and the faint text color made it a little hard to read.

      • what's Confusing: when I opened the page, I understood it was a book; then the log-in at the top-right threw me off a little, as I didn't quite understand why I would need to login for a book. Also, the headline is a tad confusing. "The missing manual for junior to senior devs" -> I understood as the manual for junior and senior devs alike. whereas something in the lines of "The missing manual to level up from junior to senior dev" would remove the ambiguity.

      • what Didn't I believe: how much Hackernews do you read? haha

      Hope this helps !

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    Great Idea @boristane!

    So, I'm building Tippy Money with @geordigeordi, and we are just getting started.

    We are still yet to refine our copy on the landing page, but please roast us!

    You can visit the landing page at https://tippy.money.

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      Hey Raz!

      • what's Awesome: Sleek design, awesome color palette. The concept of the product could actually be a big thing, given the current trend towards the "creator economy". Also, your FAQ answered pretty much all the questions I had in mind when reading your page.

      • what's Boring: Your headline and the supporting copy. I read all of it and still had no idea what your product does, and most people will not invest more than that. I kinda got the gist from the image next to it, but it was a lot of text to go through. How about "Tip your favourite creators with a tweet"?

      • what's Confusing: The "How it works" doesn't actually tell me how it works. It's a lot of talk, but I didn't learn anything I hadn't already figured out from the image illustration above: I tweet, you send the money to whoever I'm replying to.

      • what Didn't I believe: Nothing, I think you can pull this off!

      Hope this little review helps you!

      1. 2

        Thanks for the feedback. All your points are great!

        What's boring: Your headline and the supporting copy.

        I am glad that you mentioned that. That is something I'm working on improving. Initially, we set out to target supporters, but it perhaps makes more sense to target creators.

        What's Confusing: The "How it works" doesn't actually tell me how it works.

        Amazing! That section has to be rethought for sure. Excellent detail.

        1. 1

          why not two landing pages? one for the supporters and another for the creators?

          I think from your tool, you'll get a lot of traffic coming from twitter. people seeing your bot in the replies. have one default, probably for the supporters (as I'm guessing you'll get more curious supporters than creators) and from there have a clear "Are you a creator" which links to the creators page.

          1. 1

            In the beginning, we started by targeting supporters. But as it turns out, our main source of traffic comes from our creators!

            We are now adjusting our copy to reflect that. Having two landing pages will be ideal, but given the time on our hands, working full-time, we have to prioritise what we do.


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    Sounds fun, why not – always open to more feedback 😄


    1. 2

      Hey Alex!

      Thanks for submitting your page!

      • what's awesome: you have quite some text on the page but it's readable and the design makes it compelling. The eye flows from one paragraph to the other without even thinking about it. Also, the way you explain your pricing strategy and how you work with clients is pretty good. I like this "We Help Our Favorite Software Companies Scale Customer Acquisition" but why your "favourite" and I'd add "their" and in "scale their customer acquisition".

      • what's boring: nothing

      • what's confusing: Your CTAs. Should I "join" (top right corner) or "sign up"? I also struggle to understand what your main CTA does. You say "Learn how we do it." -> I'm expecting a course or a newsletter, but you're an agency (right?) so I'd expect the main CTA to be a contact us form of some fashion.

      • what didn't I believe: nothing!

      Keep it up, and I want to know your growth secrets!

    1. 1

      Hi Sarah!

      I love that your website if for a non-tech audience!

      • what's awesome: I actually love the design of your landing page! Your copy is pretty good, there isn't much text and everything is teaching me something about your offering. those illustrations too, absolutely lovely.

      • what's boring: the modal asking for my email for the newsletter even before I know what the website is about. I understand this might work on your target customers, but it's boring.

      • what's confusing: what happens after I take the quizz? I get a checklist and that's it? this is not a problem in itself, but I am quite confused (maybe because I'm not a parent or an expecting parent and I don't understand their needs). I however think there's the opportunity here to provide waayyy more than a checklist.

      • what didn't I believe: Nothing, all good!

      I hope you find value in this, and keep it up helping expecting parents!

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    Hey thanks for this! I have my first draft I guess -https://lancerprofile.com

    Would really appreciate any feedback!

    1. 1

      Hey @albertkim!

      Is this a work in progress?

      • what's awesome: Your offering is pretty compelling, portfolio websites for freelance writers, and you make it clear in your headline.

      • what's boring: your design choices are pretty unique, I'm not sure how this would resonate with freelance writers, something worth double-checking.

      • what's confusing: why are your testimonials screenshots of chats? why is the how it words "hello world"? your FAQ has unanswered questions? the demo page on netlify leads nowhere?

      • what didn't I believe: does this product work?

      I hope this guides you in your journey!

      1. 1

        Hey thanks for the feedback! It was very helpful :) Also yes, it's still a WIP

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    That is awesome! Feel free to roast www.kitemaker.co

    We just updated the landing page and appreciate any feedback :)

    1. 2

      The font-size of the $$$ values in your pricing carousal could use a larger value to help catch the user's eye. Kinda like this, perhaps (25px)

      1. 2

        Thanks! We'll try that :)

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      Hey @SigKILL!

      • what's awesome: The little hero showing me how your product puts slack, figma and github on a single view. Also, the integrations panel is pretty neat. I know in a glance what the product supports. I'd add the upcoming integrations and maybe a button to a form to know which integrations your visitors might want.

      • what's boring: your headline. it means nothing to me, and the supporting text didn't help. I understand your product isn't quite like anything out there, so finding a reference point can be hard, but your current headline doesn't tell me anything. Is it teams in a bakery? what sort of empowerment are we talking about? I'd extend this comment to other parts of your copy where you use words that don't mean much "Work faster" -> how; "Have more impact" -> what does it mean; "Better discussions" -> what is a better discussion? and most people will not read the small prints you have explaining the above.

      • what's confusing: I normally like product demos, but yours confused me a little. I saw a little bit of trello, a little bit of Jira, something that looked like a git log, etc... I think you have quite a few features and new ways for software/product and design teams to work. However, putting everything in a single video confused me more than anything else. Also, your pricing doesn't have buttons to sign up. Perhaps this is intentional, but it's pretty uncommon.

      • what didn't I believe: there are a few prominent companies on the website, but there's no actual human testimonial. This would help solidify that your product will help my team. A few words on how your clients use the product and how it has impacted their productivity or culture will be a great addition.

      Hope this helps !

      1. 1

        Thanks! That is a lot of great feedback.

        We already agree with testimonials, and we already plan to add them.

        The headline is always difficult. The one we have now is based on what our current users thought we should have there, but finding the best short description of your product seems to be a never-ending challenge :)

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    Hey, I would appreciate it if you check my portfolio: https://roudan.netlify.app/

    Thanks for doing this!

    1. 1

      Hey @roudan_chirkoh!

      Sleek protfolio website!

      • what's awesome: You have an eye for design and I quite like the animations across your page.

      • what's boring: Maybe too many animations? But it's your portfolio, you do whatever you want!

      • what's confusing: when I opened the page, the RC animation confused me a little. Is that your personal logo? why doesn't it appear anywhere on the page again afterwards?

      • what didn't I believe: nothing, it's your portfolio, you do you!

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    Thank you for doing this 🙏🏽

    Would love to know your thoughts on https://resumey.pro/

    1. 1

      Hey @bpsagar!

      • what's awesome: Your page is pretty minimal. The resumes in the hero image give a clear idea of what to expect and the headline is clear and concise too.

      • what's boring: the supporting text to your headline is a tad weak.

      • what's confusing: I understand what your product is trying to achieve, but not how. Is it a glorified markdown editor? do you have resume templates? how many? can I import my own template? or design them? Also, one of the testimonials doesn't have a photo, is that on purpose?

      • what didn't I believe: nothing!

      It's a pretty interesting space you're in; I hope this feedback will help you!

      1. 1

        Great questions raised! Thanks @boristane, this is really helpful 🙏🏽

        PS: We couldn't get photo from one of our reviewers, we didn't realize it stood out!

    1. 2

      Hey bereket!

      • what's awesome: you!

      • what's boring: nothing!

      • what's confusing: the amount of stuff you make at 12!!

      • what didn't I believe: nothing!

      Keep making Bereket, I'm sure you'll be an inspiration for your generation!

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    I'll join the queue if your still reviewing


    1. 1

      Hey @hatkyinc!

      Does your website have a web version?

      Also, I don't think this is a landing page, but the signup screen to your app. I'm doing only landing pages today. Next time maybe :)

      1. 2

        It's PWA, works on the web or on mobile just the same and there is a guest account option so you don't have to register

        Well as a landing page, I thought the slideshow browser is doing the marketing :/

        anyways thanks for having a look, till next time, GL

    1. 1

      Hey Tom!

      I truly have no idea what this is and I can't review what I can't start to understand.

      Is it a blog? But all the posts are lorem ipsum...

  12. 2

    https://videofork.co/ - Create explainer videos for your startup for free

    1. 2

      Hey @jagadeep!

      • what's awesome: Your explainer video. The first 30seconds were meh, and I was getting bored, and then you picked it up quickly and connected your ending to the initial story building. I'd make the scene set up a little shorter, and get to the point a little faster. Also, I'd add just above the video a note saying it's made with your app. It's only at the end of the video that I realised that. Nonetheless, it's a pretty nice intro to your product.

      • what's boring: your choice of background colours on the page seems pretty random. I'm not the one to talk about capitalisation as I generally don't follow any rules as I type, but I notice it on landing pages. The second sentence of your headline should start with a capital letter.

      • what's confusing: You show how to import svgs to your app, but you don't show how to actually use your app to make videos? Where are the videos stored?

      • what didn't I believe: that this is free forever. And you don't have any social proof/testimonials.

      Pretty neat product and I hope you help a lot of Joes out there!

      1. 1

        Hi @boristane

        Thank you for your feedback. I have added a popup of short 2 minute video tutorial when people open the editor for the first time, to help them get use to the interface.

        I am working on improving the landing page. It is a free app, but relies on donations to run. Donators also get benefit of being featured on videofork.co and our mailing list. Which stays to be an income source.


        1. 1

          I'd make all these clear on the landing page.

          1. 1

            Got it! Let me see what i can do.

    1. 1

      Hey Baadier!

      A product for people out of the tech sphere! Kudos for solving "ordinary people" problems!

      • what's awesome: The headline is pretty good. I usually don't like words such as "Effortless" as people don't talk like this in the "real" world, but someone I like it on your headline. I also like the "with" and "without" Jonga section.

      • what's boring: All the text underneath the How it works items. I don't think anybody will read those. I'd make the item titles clearer, and drop the supporting text.

      • what's confusing: "Bring your home listings & streamline viewings." does this mean this software is for estate agents too? I'm quite confused. Is this an online estate portal? From the headline, I understood it's a tool for couples to collaborate on their house hunting.

      • what didn't I believe: you have a few high profile logos on your website. are you partnering with them? I understand I'm more sensitive to those as I'm in the tech sphere and your average customer will not care, but I would be careful with putting other companies logos on my website unless there's actually an affiliation. Also, testimonials, make it human :)

      Hope this helps you and best of everything in your journey !

      1. 2

        Thanks @boristane :)

        I'll give the text another tweak. The logos are meant to indicate that we work with those sites so you can use listings from there. I wanted to make sure the user understands they don't have to change the sites they use

  13. 2

    I'd be honered to be roasted! 😅 codewrite.io
    I'll already know about some issues, and I'm working on fixing them, so I'm curious whether you'll find the same... and maybe more?

    1. 1

      Hi @areknawo,

      • what's awesome: The overall design of the page is pretty good, the screenshots should guide through how to use the product.

      • what's boring: I'd avoid phrases such as "this allows you to do x" and make the statements more direct - "do x with this". I think your product has a lot of features, and it's probably a good idea to move the detailed description of the features on a separate page; and keep on the main landing page the sharp and crisp punchlines, eg: "Share your work everyone with a single click"

      • what's confusing: what does this mean: "The best code-blogging tool - period."? I am a developer and I have run technical blogs, but I have no idea what your headline meant. Your CTA is confusing too. "Add to Browser" -> I'm guessing it's a browser extension, but there's no browser logo to guide me, and I still don't know what your product does. I scrolled to the end of the page, and I still don't understand what your product actually does.

      • what didn't I believe: I didn't quite understand your product, as such I can't really not believe anything. I'd however consider having social proof on the page. It goes a long way in building trust in your product.

      Let me know if anything is unclear, and I hope this helps you!

      1. 2

        Thanks for the feedback - roasty! Will deeply consider your advice.

    1. 1

      Hey Michael!

      A landing page for landing pages, so meta!

      I started typing the review and realised I don't have much to add besides praise. You clearly know what you're doing with landing pages. This is nit-picking, but you could add a link to Tailwind CSS as not everyone knows what it is (including developers and founders - I didn't until just a few months ago).

      1. 2

        How kind Boris! Thanks a lot.

        I could definitely link to them, I thought it was enough from the docs. Will update that!
        Thanks a lot boris.

  14. 2

    Hi Boris, that's great! Could you please totally roast https://lunatask.app ? Thank you very much 🙏

    1. 2

      The webpage is very nicely done and so is the API documentation. I'd consider adding a nav or footer on it redirecting to your homepage. Just a suggestion :)

      1. 2

        Good point, I'll add it, thanks!! 🙏

    2. 2

      Hey @mikekreeki!

      • what's awesome: your landing page design is top quality, the screenshots showcase what to expect and your headline tells us exactly what your product is about.

      • what's boring: this is nit-picking; the "Check all of our features." section is a bit heavy to digest. You can find ways to display features in smaller groups, in an alternating manner?

      • what's confusing: there's no pricing page. It's free whilst in beta, but how much will it cost when it gets out of beta? I don't want to start using a tool, and a few weeks later discover it costs $10k a month.

      • what didn't you believe: you do not have any testimonials, which makes me think something is off. True you're in beta, but surely someone is using your app and saying good words about it :) !

      Keep it up, it looks like a pretty good solution for productivity nerds!

      1. 2

        Thanks, I appreciate your feedback!! I'll add the testimonials, good idea, and I will think if the message "Beta will end in Summer 2021, then it's gonna be $6/month." is in too small font size 😁

    1. 1

      Hey @hessel! Thanks for submitting your website!

      I already know your website, but I'll dive in as if it's the first time I open it, with no prior knowledge

      • what's awesome: the overall design, it's simple and pleasing

      • what's boring: the main headline "Fiddy is a weekly leaderboard of the best new Indie Hacker side projects" is on the right column, below your newsletter CTA. I think I should be more prominent.

      • what's confusing: I don't know what this website is about when I open it. The explanation from the Newsletter subheader tells me there are projects, but what are those projects? I see there are trending projects, they're from indie hackers, but how do they get here? is it an automated process or a curated list? What CTA is the most important to you? the newsletter, the add a project or signing up? Also, the two scrollbars on the middle column (with the projects) threw me off quite a bit.

      • what didn't I believe: nothing :)

      Hope this helps you!

  15. 2

    Would love your thoughts on curateable.io! Looking forward to our catchup later :)

  16. 2

    I just launched this page (tweaked it based on previous such threads), curious what you think!


    1. 3

      Hey @Guido!

      Pretty nice product! It took me a couple of night to implement my own passwordless solution and I'm sure there are a few people out there looking for a tool such as yours.

      • what's awesome: your headline. It got me hooked straight away. Your copy too is pretty good, minus a few points I'll highlight below.

      • what's boring: the illustrations. Illustrations themselves are not boring, but you're selling a developer tool. As a developer, I want to see how it works, what it looks like. Can you add screenshots to your hero? Moreover, my rule of thumb is, statements such as "allow your users to..." are pretty weak. when you can say "Your users won't need passwords to sign in your app anymore".

      • what's confusing: you say your app does one thing really well and then follow up by saying it "solves authentication and transactional e-mails". Is it an authentication software of a transactional emails tool?

      • what didn't I believe: based on my experience with no password login methods, there are a couple of problems you haven't addressed: it's a foreign flow to MOST users (outside of the tech sphere). Also, there can be a significant delay in receiving the email. How do you address this? I believe those are questions you need to highlight in your FAQ.

      Hope this helps you in your project!

      1. 2

        Thank you, this is such great feedback.

        On the confusion:
        I'm really struggling to find the right wording/correct approach to my dual-product. It's both a transactional e-mail service, but the main selling point/differentiator is making passwordless login/e-mail verification easy so that's what I want to sell users on.. Really have to give this a good think.

    1. 2

      Hey @jz22,

      You have a pretty unique art-style, compared to what I've seen so far.

      • what's awesome: everything before fold: a clear value proposition, a clear CTA and a few companies using your product. You also showcase your product through the landing page, showcasing how intuitive it looks and the various features + the sdk.

      • what's boring: generally, your copy is good, but I'd remove words such as "that", "just", "it allows", etc... they do not add much to the copy and feel out of place. You also have a lot of small print underneath each feature, which I didn't read and most people will not.

      • what's confusing: your headline is "The future is headless" and right next to it, there are three heads... it's only when I read the supporting text that I chuckled and understood what you mean by headless. Not necessarily a bad thing, as it actually made me smile. Also, you have a few logos from customers, but you don't have any actual testimonial. This might raise questions in prospects.

      • what didn't I believe: This is as easy as the page claims it is. I think this stems from the fact that developer tools are always more difficult to integrate than the landing pages claim. You could do something (I'm not sure what at this point) to reinforce how easy your product is to use.

      Hope this helps !

      1. 2

        Thanks a lot for the nice words and the detailed feedback!

  17. 2

    Yes please, Boris! I’d love fresh eyes on examcopilot.com.

    1. 2

      Hey Ben!

      Always brings a smile to my face to see something not targeted at makers / creators / indies!

      • what's awesome: Your hero section: clear value proposition, defined customer, and a testimonial. Also, you have a pretty extensive FAQ; which is good both for you and prospects.

      • what's boring: The section below the pricing is has a lot of text. Do you have any metric on how often this is read. I'm guessing not much. Despite being fully invested in your page, I didn't read all of it. Perhaps your prospects are more willing to read long-form text on a landing page?

      • what's confusing: In the same section, the photo to the left is clearly a developer. why not a pilot student or something else in that space? I know it's minor; however, I think it will help prospects identify even more to your product.

      • what didn't I believe: Nothing, neat product, solving a real problem and clearly displayed on a sleek landing page.

      Keep it up!

      1. 2

        Thanks Boris, very on point feedback! Will put it on my todo list.

        You’re the best.

  18. 2

    I am planning an update of the landing page so would be interested to hear your thoughts https://startaudience.com/

    1. 2

      Hey James!

      You have a pretty nice set of integrations!

      • what's awesome: the features section. It tells me exactly what I get.

      • what's boring: the features section, interestingly. The text below the heading of each feature is probably unnecessary. I know what a signup form is, I know what a newsletter building tool looks like, I know how a management dashboard looks like. The heading + the image explain already very well what I get, no need to talk much more. Also, I find the faint text on white background quite hard to read; including in the supporting text of your main headline. Speaking of that text, I feel it's a tad weak. Since you're selling to people who can use aws ses and mailgun, I think your supporting text should tell them precisely how you improve on thee experience with SES or mailgun. eg: "Stop getting lost on the aws ses console and start managing your subscriber with ease." or something in those lines.

      • what's confusing: You're not using your own form to capture emails... any reason why? Instead of "An email marketing tool...", I'd say "The email marketing tool...".

      • what Didn't I believe: That you will support my favourite email service. A line saying you're adding more integrations + a form to collect the email service people want goes a long way.

      I hope this helps!

      1. 2

        Thanks Boris, that's really great feedback. Gives me plenty to think about.

      2. 2

        James, I almost forgot to mention that you don't have any social proof. It'd be awesome to have something from your beta users to put up!

        1. 2

          Yep, very high on the list for the updated page.

  19. 2

    My digital garden (mixture of blog posts, about me, etc.)


    1. 1

      Hey Edvins,

      • what's awesome: Pretty clean design, simple dark mode; I can tell you're having fun making this website

      • what's boring: Noting, it's your personal website, you do whatever you want!

      • what's confusing: I'm not a native speaker, but I'd double-check the grammar on your sub-headline.

      • what Didn't I believe: Nothing!

      I hope this helps!

    1. 3

      Oh man, for me Polypane is excellent. I love the color choices, and that's busy but minimalist at the same time.

      And you even have a linux desktop app, it's too rare those days, thanks for that!

      1. 2

        Thanks Gui! I've been a Linux user for well over a decade now. We deserve polished apps too!

    2. 2

      Hey Kilian!

      • what's awesome: Your entire landing page is breathtaking! The thing that really got me excited was the live preview.

      • what's boring: There is a lot of text. It'a all valuable text, but there is a lot of it. I guess that's fine as your potential customers are willing to read that much to get a better browser.

      • what's confusing: Not confusing per se, but a few questions popped as I was scrolling and I didn't find answers: is this a Chromium based browser? and is there a headless version? I know these are hard to implement, building a browser alone is already mind blowing.

      • what Didn't I believe: Nothing, keep it up!

      Hope this helps!

      1. 2

        Thanks so much Boris! :) Still looking for the right place to put the chromium version. I could do a small FAQ on the homepage but as you said, it already has so much text.

    1. 1

      Hey @hossein, pretty interesting business you have there!

      • what's Awesome: Your value prop is pretty clear, no faffing around!

      • what's Boring: "Visitor", it's pretty off-putting in today's web to be called "visitor"

      • what's Confusing: There are a lot of unanswered questions here: do you send them manually or is it an automated process? Can I set I what time I want the reminders? What if I actually bought the book, are you getting free copies of all the books in a nutshell?

      • what Didn't I believe: Is an email reminder actually going to help me finish reading my books?

      Hope this helps!

      1. 1

        Hey @boristane Thanks for the feedback! I am working on a new landing and will include your feedback for sure!

        Let's see if this would work in really, these days you receive everything in your mailbox, and I thought why not receiving two pages of my book....

  20. 2

    Hey Boris, would love for you to roast tutorpass.io for us 😄

    1. 1

      Hey Turbopass!

      • what's awesome: the headline, the background with real humans (rather than big-tech illustrations) and the hero image/video. I clicked on the "next" button in the hero thinking it was interactive, something you could do to give even more insights in your product without having to scroll. I quite liked that.

      • what's boring: "Grab your share of a $100 billion market" -> I don't think course creators and learners care that it's a $100B market. Also, the supporting text of your headline reads "Tutorpass is an easy-to-use platform" -> every platform will claim it's "easy to use"; what makes yours special? I want to read something such as "Tutorpass is THE platform for...". Moreover, you don't have any testimonials. You should get some from your early adopters, this will make your claims much more believable.

      • what's confusing: Your About link leads to a calendly?

      • what Didn't I believe: Nothing, pretty neat!

      Let me know if anything is unclear... I type as I scroll your page.

      1. 1

        Thanks for the feedback Boris, I'll look into the above!

      2. 1

        I forgot to ask, how did you get my email to auto-fill your substack signup text input?

        That's at the same time clever and creepy.

        1. 2

          I didn't. Its simply an embedded element on the page. I think that's the service doing its job somehow.

  21. 2

    Hey Boris, will love to hear your opinion from http://trackity.co. It is still not finished but I would like to hear it anyway 😄

    Thanks in advance!

    1. 2

      Hey Luis, thanks for submitting!

      I understand your page is still WIP so I will comment only on the completed items

      • what's Awesome: the four steps straight in the header. I know from the get go what I'm getting from this product. Also, the breakdown of what I get for each pricing bracket. Well done there.

      • what's Boring: Not much at this stage, your illustrations are good, the background bars are a bit meh, unnecessary in my opinion. And, remove "sign up" in the main headline. I think it's unnecessary.

      • what's Confusing: why do you have 2 languages? is the whole app going to be in two languages? Also, how is your "Best Choice" coming soon? haha just kidding!

      • what Didn't I believe? that you can actually give me the best prices. That's because you have no social proof at the moment. I understand this is WIP but something you need when you go live.

      Hope this helps you in your journey!

      1. 1

        Forgot to mention you need an SSL certificate on this website.

  22. 1

    What are your thoughts on my landing page duply.co ?

  23. 1

    Hey! I know it's kinda late, but I would really appreciate your feedback on the landing page. https://buddle.work/main-en

  24. 1

    Hi @boristane , Would love some feedback on — https://www.vocado.at/ :pray::skin-tone-2: especially about the idea.

  25. 1

    Got to #3 on HN, but only converted at ~13%, got a lot of feedback about increasing trust but not sure the best way to go about it. Anyways, let me know all your thoughts! www.getquantbase.com

  26. 1

    If the offer is still good to go..

  27. 1

    Hey @boristane nice initiative - which page is one which you think others could learn a lot from?

    I'd be especially interested in any that convert people to contact/book a phone call and have expert consultancy as a service focus.

  28. 1

    If you are still game, would love the feedback on something I just launched! https://thefeaturedimage.com/

  29. 1

    Well it's not a product page but still would rly like to hear some thoughts, thanks!

  30. 1

    Hey @boristane, you should check out the best GDPR solution on the market: https://rototer.com

    1. 1

      Just fyi.. Your cookies privacy policy notification is sitting behind your header :)

      1. 2

        My cookie popup generator in the dashboard only works on unpinned headers for some reason and mine isn't pinned and I could never figure out why my cookie popup generator is the way it is considering it has the CSS attribute "z-index: 1;". Thats support to keep the banner from being behind other elements. By the way we are working on making an AI scanner that checks if you have a compliant website or not via this API I found that I'm using that scans websites HTML so stay tunned...

  31. 1

    Love this and thanks for doing it! What do you think about SkilledPay? It's the first wage and career planner for the skilled trades

  32. 1

    bring it on Boris...

    Possibly the most boring landing page possible: https://www.devtoagency.com

  33. 1

    Hey @Boris, thanks for doing this. I would appreciate it if you had a look at http://sales.bizplans.pro Still a bit rough though!

  34. 1

    so, this is THE thread :D
    good work Boris!

  35. 1

    OMG! Can't wait for you to check Upblogr ! I launched it last week so I am fully open for an honest feedback.

    Very much appreciated!

  36. 1

    Hey man, just a blog but Nice to have some feedback! Ill send my other web app next time 😎👉


  37. 1

    Hey, not sure if I'm too late to the party - but I'd love it if you could review brodi.io!

  38. 1

    Hi @boristane!
    Here is our landing page, I guess I don't need to tell you what we are doing first:)

  39. 1

    Thanks for doing this. here you go: https://thewebsiteflip.com

  40. 1


    How much do you charge for a detailed report?

    1. 2

      Spent 5 min on your landing page, it's very well done.

      A consistent UI is pleasing to see, your product stands out and your website is solid in terms of security (extra points for that) . There are a couple things I noticed in general. The button hover delay could be toned down to 0.4ms instead, it "looks" delayed but maybe that's a subjective choice of your design strategy.

      .btn-secondary {
      transition: 0.4ms ease-in-out;

  41. 1

    I would appreciate your opinion on localazy.com

    And thanks for this awesome offer and for helping the community to get better!

  42. 1

    Hi Boris!

    I'd love some feedback here: getjuicebox.io

  43. 1

    Hit me with the worst you got captain!! We are new Shopify agency:


  44. 1

    Oh, I've been meaning to ask for some feedback on my landing page for a very long time. Let me know what you think https://www.organisely.app/industries/beauty-salons

  45. 1

    Great idea.

    Check out Dev Concepts: https://dev-concepts.dev
    I'm curious ;-)

  46. 1

    Hey Boris, this is very generous of you. Thank you!

    So, gulp, here you are https://dcdr.io


  47. 1

    Hi Boris,
    Thanks for the awesome effort!
    Please roast my page https://www.logixacademy.com

  48. 1

    Hey Boris,
    Happy to get our landing page roasted: https://posted.tech
    A SaaS to generate social media content in bulk.


  49. 1

    Thanks for doing this @boristane. Please roast SamosaBot

  50. 1


    Just launched the MVP. Stupid simple on purpose.

  51. 1

    Awesome. My page is at log.fm.
    Its a podcast search engine aimed to help people find follow and listen to their favorite podcast podcasters. You can subscribe to a podcaster like you subscribe to a podcast.

  52. 1

    I love scrolling through and seeing all of these sites, great work everyone!

    Brace for impact: www.helloguac.com

  53. 1

    Hey Boris, very cool.

    Let me know what you think? https://www.cyberblitz.it/

  54. 1

    Thanks for doing this, Boris!

    Here is a design for a Journaling app I am building.

    Feel free to add comments in the Figma file or right here on IH.


  55. 1


    Thanks Boris!

  56. 1

    I could really use a fresh pair of eyes for https://leteflow.com
    Appreciate your time!

  57. 1

    Big thanks!

    What do you think about www.appbuildy.com ?

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