Product Development March 28, 2020

I'll signup for your product, record myself using it, and provide laser sharp honest feedback

Marko Pavlovic @pavlomarko

I'll record a video as a compilation of the products I review, with links to your products in the description. I'll review them in the order or appearance in the comments here.

I want to start a YT channel that has meaningful content for the community I care about, and provides value to the makers with feedback and promotion.

If you are interested leave a reply with your link and a one liner pitch!

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    It would be so great. Here is my product. - Remote Leaf hand-picks remote jobs from all over the internet and sends the ones that apply to you.

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      I noticed remote leaf is an Open Startup (woo hoo 😊). I will add it to the list at:

      Mind if I get in touch for an interview about remoteleaf? 😀

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        That's great if you get it featured on One quick suggestion, add a /open page to and make it easily accessible from the home page.

        Regarding the interview, yeah, send me an email!

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    Would be great if you could check out We just launched our MVP the other day and posted about it

    Love to hear your thoughts on it and also happy to provide reciprocal feedback when needed.

    Thanks in advance Marko!

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      @pavlomarko Super Cool ! - I just wanted to chime in with my colleague James and hope you can get the time to give us honest feedback on - its rough but getting told what the rough bits are by a third party is valuable feedback

      Are you in the US or the UK? - Hopefully yes as our service is only available in these markets FOR NOW.

      Also Pavlo, I am curious where you are going with this super idea / offer of yours ? do you have a business model ?

      Best wishes and good luck with this.

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        Got it! I'm currently located in Oslo, Norway. I'll still try to cover at least the landing page and things I can before I can actually use the product. 👍I don't have a business model with the videos. I hope that as I do this, I will improve my video making and communication skills, as well as get to know the community better 😊

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          Hi Marko,

          Many thanks for this, would be great to get your feedback on the landing page even if you are unable to use the product we would be grateful for feedback on the landing page.

          BTW - What is your youtube channel so as we can subscribe.

          Kind Regards

  3. 2 - track your search engine optimization progress for your YouTube channel

    Thank you for doing this.

    PS: As you're starting a channel, this is something that may be useful for you in the long run, so if you want, I can give you the premium plan for 2 months, so you can review it better and also use it for your own channel, let me know if you would like to get that.

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    It would be great if you can checkout, - A chrome plugin that show your favourite tweets with every new browser tab you open.

    Let me know how can I help you in return.

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    Wow this is awesome! - Predict and calculate Customer Lifetime Value for your business.

    If you need anything in return, I'm happy to be of assistance!

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    Hello my friend .
    So we are launching a social network where communities can connect with each other based on their topics. Here is my site :

    Thank you for your help !!

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    Accept tips online: Cheers!

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    I'm working on the next version of - Quickly create videos to engage visitors and sell. The part I'd like feedback on is the "Templates (Beta)" link at the top after you've signed up :)

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    Cool idea! I am looking for feedback :)

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    Nice idea!

    Try with no "UI" product :D

    PS, do you have YT account now? give me a link ;)

  11. 1 - text analysis tool that will help you write better texts

  12. 1 - No-code automation platform for developers and business to easily build and manage workflows at scale to supercharge their work.

    We're in private beta, I can sort you out with access. Thanks!

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    This is amazing, thank you!

    A curated list of startups the share metrics such as revenue, traffic, uptime and more.

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    I've built something cool but struggling to grow. I would love to learn what my blindsides are and where the product falls short. Feedback on the video editor would mean a lot to me.

    Check out and let me know if I can help you in return :)

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      The "Create engaging videos quickly" section on your landing page makes my laptop (top macbook pro config) freeze as if i'm rendering a 4k video in FCPX :)
      I believe it's worth fixing (maybe even replace embedded video with a picture)

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        It's using Lottie.js. Perhaps it needs some tweaking. Thanks for the feedback.

  15. 1 - Search the web privately while we keep you safe online.

  16. 1 - SaaS focused landing page and website builder.

    Thank you!

  17. 1 - Single collaborative customer support dashboard for all of your projects

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      Hey @wsieroci, here's the video I created about Plummapp! Please let me know what you think. I hope it was useful for you. 😊

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        Thanks, it was great, a lot of valuable feedback!

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          Thanks, I'm happy you find it useful! 😊

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    Sounds great! - allow people to subscribe to you with just a swipe

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      Hey @simter, here's the video I made about Slide to Subscribe. Please let me know what you think and give it a like if you find it useful. 🤓

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        Wow! Thank you so much for the great feedback, I just subscribed to your channel. I'll be sure to improve on the points that you mentioned! Here's a suggestion: do a follow-up review one year later to see how products evolved in the meantime.

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          Thanks so much 😊I was definitely planning on doing a followup, but maybe a bit sooner than a year from now!

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        This comment was deleted 6 months ago.

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    Hey, I’d love for you to checkout the CoderNotes alpha. There’s a lot of work left but let me know what you think!

    Alpha is live at:

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      Hey @kevcon80, here's a video I made about CoderNotes. Check it out and let me know what you think! 😊

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        Hey, wow, thanks a ton for this. Really great feedback! You did a great job of going all the way through the landing page as well as the app, and this is the most in-depth feedback I received so far. I feel like I should have paid you for this, I'm super grateful!

        Some actionable takeaways I got from your video:

        • "Debug once, solve forever" isn't clear
        • Focus on collaboration value prop instead of "Rapid Onboarding"
        • Really debate if I should be limiting the free plan
        • Clarify that teams have their own private space for collaboration on the landing page
        • Add screenshot and social proof to the landing page
        • Move away from default alerts
        • Modal needs UI attention

        The only thing I wanted you to dig deeper into was the search. When you were using it you felt like you had to manually specify how you filter, but I do this for the user automatically. The search currently already tries to match your query against the existing note's:

        • Title
        • Description
        • Code language
        • The code itself
        • Url in link you submitted

        and of course, it does basic typo correction. I think another takeaway is to improve the search bar's placeholder to imply that it does all of this.

        If it gets traction, I'll be diving deep into intent-based searching, but for now it's pretty powerful for an MVP

        All in all, thanks a ton! You brought up some great ideas, and the things I think you missed are very clearly opportunities to offer a better UX experience. Super appreciative of you!

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          Absolutely! I think this could be an interesting product for learning, improving and bringing visibility and discoverability of code. 👍

  20. 1 - Learn how people are making successful career moves, find jobs, get help, and grow your career.

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      Hey @emekaonu I uploaded my video including You are the second one one! Please let me know if there is anything else you'd like me to cover, and how I did? Thanks! 😊

      Here's the link:

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        Thank you very much, man! I really appreciate

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    If you have an iPad :

    A calendar for team leaders.

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      Hey @girishw I uploaded my video including You are the first one! Please let me know how I did? I tried to be as honest as possible, so I'll take honest feedback as well. 😊

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        Great, thanks! I thought the review was pretty good. You brought up some pretty good points.

        Feedback on the review :

        • The audio track seems to be a bit out of sync with the video.
        • It might help to lower the level of the background audio.
        • It would help to have some text element on the video showing the criteria you are currently discussing. The viewer can see the notepad but not really read the content.

        A couple of responses on Re:Schedule:

        • Yes, Re:Schedule does send attendees a push notification with the meeting agenda.
          You can also see the meeting agenda in the meeting entry in your calendar itself.
        • The value prop of Re:Schedule is that you today have all your meeting information distributed across different apps and manually organized in each of those apps. Instead, Re:Schedule brings all that information into your calendar and organizes it according to your schedule.

        I think I need to clarify and strengthen the articulation on the landing page a bit. Thanks!

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          Wow, thanks for the feedback, I'm still learning about video production 👍Yes, I think not a lot of products try to solve this problem of "preparing for the meeting". And without preparation meetings really suck big time. I think your product has the potential in this space. 🤓

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