I'm 15 and I just launched my own podcast

I'm proud to say that I've just launched The Josh Ternyak Podcast. It's full of actionable advice on learning web development, building an online business when you're young, and staying productive at home. My goal is to get every Indiehacker to give it a listen and/or read. So, share this post with anyone you think would benefit from learning web development, and becoming a better Indiehacker.

You can also watch my podcast on youtube.

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    Congrats mate! Amazing that you set yourself up to do this at 15!

    Really. REALLY!

    Keep that in mind, and keep going.

    My two cents:

    You do a podcast, you’re exposing yourself, you’re putting yourself out there. One thing is certain, people are going to chime in with negative comments, people are going to put you down. It’s going to be hard, you’re going to doubt yourself.

    Now, don’t take the negative comments too harshly. Don’t let them affect your mood (as much as you can stop that of course). Try to see if there is some value that you can extract from them, is there some useful information beneath the hurtful part?

    If there isn’t don’t give a crap about it, if there is, take that into account with a pinch of salt.

    Keep going, keep going!


    David from The Other WorkSpace

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      This is great advice, it's a shame such advice is needed though and there's people that just want to bring people down online 😟

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        I agree, unfortunately there are people like this out there, and the sense of anonymity that the internet gives them just makes their malevolence worse.

        What I wrote is a simple reminder, and I feel it's important for a 15 years old to hear it, and hear it as many time as possible and from as many people as possible.

        But it is also something we all need to hear (probably all of the people on IH, that put ourselves out there anyways)! :)

        Cheers and let's not forget to take some time now and then to think about our mental health!


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      Hey David, thanks so much for the helpful feedback! I will apply the advice you gave me.

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        No worries Josh!

        I really mean it, when I say that it's great you're doing this at 15. I think I can safely say that most of us, at 15, were either completely clueless, or were just waisting most of our time.

        Better create content than consume content :)

        Cheers and all the best!


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    Nice work, Josh. It's great that you're starting young! Now, a couple of pieces of advice from somebody else who started young as a web developer. A bit of background: I started web development at 10. By 13, I was answering questions on Stack Overflow. I'm 23 now, and I've written nearly 600 answers. They launched my career in web development, which I still do to this day to bankroll my indie hacking.

    1. It's a great feeling to be the youngest person in the room, but you can't rely on that as your trump card. Yes, it's awesome that you're getting started young and it shows that you're smart and a hustler, but it also reveals that you are inexperienced. You need another edge – you should always be obsessing about developing that edge, sharpening yourself like a sword. When you get older and you're no longer the youngest person in the room (like me, right here and right now), what is your edge? DON'T RELAX BECAUSE YOU'RE THE YOUNGEST PERSON IN THE ROOM.

    2. Make sure you listen – REALLY listen – to what other people have to say. It's easy to dismiss a lot of advice as not relevant to you, because you're so young or whatever, but usually the people who are telling you things know things you don't know. The advice is probably relevant. ASSUME THE PERSON YOU'RE LISTENING TO KNOWS MORE THAN YOU DO.

    3. Have a long-term goal. If I'd known what I now know, back when I was your age, I could be a LOT further along. Actions consistently taken over time towards one specific goal compound fast, and you have more time than I do – 8 more years of it. Where would you like to be 5 years from now? 10? Imagine that in great detail. HAVE A LONG-TERM GOAL.

    4. Do not get attached to that long-term goal. I did, and it cost me years that I wasted because I wasn't flexible enough to realize that the goal I set for myself wasn't ideal. For a long time I wanted to become a millionaire as fast as possible so I could retire at 25 and never work again. It took me a long time to realize that a better goal is to find the freedom to live life as I want and work on things that matter to me. Money is worthless if you don't have freedom to spend it. Instead, be flexible with your goals and re-evaluate them constantly as you learn new things. DON'T GET TOO ATTACHED TO ONE PARTICULAR GOAL.

    5. You don't know what you don't know. Find some mentors and pick their brains all the time. CONSTANTLY ASK OTHERS FOR ADVICE.

    6. If you want to learn something, interview other people who have done that thing really successfully and post the interviews as a video or podcast (with their permission, of course). You learn more, they get more exposure, and you build an audience by providing them with valuable content. Everybody wins!

    7. If you're constantly stimulating your mind with passive entertainment, you deprive it of the ability to act on its own and produce content for others. Limit entertainment intake, whether that be fiction, videogames, movies, TV, whatever. YOU EITHER CONSUME OR YOU CREATE – PICK ONE.

    Finally, some reading which changed my life: Four Hour Work-Week, by Tim Ferriss, and 12 Rules For Life, by Jordan Peterson. The advice above is drawn from my own experiences and what I've learned from those two books.

    P.S. Did I mention that the person you're listening to probably knows more than you do? There is so much to life, and you're just getting started. Enjoy the ride, don't work too hard, and take care of your health. There's so much more, but these are things I wish I knew when I was your age.

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      Hey Elliot, I will apply the great advice you gave me. I will use it to get better everyday. Thank you.

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    you should talk to @gczh he just launched Young Makers, a newsletter. You can interview each other.

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    This is great, Josh! Congrats on the launch and best wishes.

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    Comment below "Yes" if you are interested in coming on my podcast (not physically due to covid-19)

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      Yes. However I don't have a business I just think it would be cool to talk to another teenager who's doing something I would like to do. I'm 14 by the way.

      1. 1

        Cool! What time would you be willing to do it on Tuesday this week?

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          Maybe like 1:00 pm if that works for you

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            What's a good email for you so we can coordinate?

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    Great initiative and wish you good luck with it!
    As I read this and taking into concern that you are 15, I had another idea. As a father, I don't want to become an old clueless grandpa as my kids grow but nowadays everything moves at very fast speed. I think parents and grandparents would be keen on knowing the latest trends of kids and teenagers nowadays.

    As an example, I didn't know kids are not using Facebook as much as other stuff. It seems like it was just yesterday that Facebook was launched.

    If you ever decide to get to this podcast idea, give me a shout!

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      Would you be interested in coming on my podcast?

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    Can't wait to know what to not waste my time on in web development so I can be more productive. 👍

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      Always a nice word from a nice man! Cheers Brayden! :)


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        Thanks @theotherworkspace! You're not too bad yourself! 😄👍

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          Just giving my 2 cents hahaha :)


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    Leave a comment below saying what you're looking forward to learning from my podcast.

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    Good job mate! You remined me to me when I was 9 I started to hack my computer and then 2-3 years later I introduced myself to programming, thats the way to become succesful in life, do what you like at your own, pursue your dreams.

    Remember, education is not about having a degree, education is about learning, and for me, self education is the best approach always, it's superior in any way, but not for everyone, it can become dark and hard, but you just have to keep struggling and go forward!

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    The fact what you are 15 and launched it makes some kudos for you, but have nothing to do with explaining what I can get from your podcast and why I should spend time on this specific one, when there are dozens of others which launched every other day.

    Your description is too vague, web development, starting online business and staying productive is so much different things, what you can launch 5 podcasts on each of them. It sounds more like you dont know what to do now. Especially you being young, so you can not put much of your own experience, you need to show how you are going to put value to your podcast. Like having great guests (not 'planning' but achieved) etc.

    After you get some credibility and can display it, that would look way better.

    So far I dont buy it. Harsh as it is.

    My advice: since you have a goal to get every indiehacker listen it, you should work on how to present it.

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      Hey man, thanks for the advice. I am actually about to record 2 podcast episodes interviewing 1 web developer and 1 marketer. I will make content that speaks for itself.

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    Nice job. Our of curiosity, how come the image keeps zooming just a little bit over the course of the podcast? Is it something necessary for YouTube?

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      That's because of the video editor I use, iMovie. It does it automatically.

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    Congrats on launching! It is the most difficult to go from 0 to 1 in everything imo. Once you get started, it's just about keeping the momentum going!

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      I totally agree. The hard part is to grow an audience from 0 to 1. That's what I'm mainly focused on, and producing the best content I possibly can.

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    Yup Josh knows his stuff. Good content, I had the pleasure of going through some of his episodes listening to what its all about.

    I wanted to use my tool to help him out an make a promotional video. Here is what I came up with SPECTACULAR DEMO and here is the SPECTACULAR RESULT

    If you also run a podcast I made some templates to help you make these types of videos for FREE check it out SPECTACULAR FREE TEMPLATES

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    Great work Josh! Your thoughts are well-organized.

    What's the process like? Do you have a script/outline? Do you record in one shot or multiple takes?

    1. 2

      My process is: 1. I research my podcast idea to learn more about it 2. Write a blog post to outline and understand my thoughts so I can clearly say them in a podcast 3. Record my podcast episode (1 take), and finally, I publish the audio in a youtube video and promote my youtube video on forums. I'm also working on getting backlinks to joshternyak.com, any ideas on how I would do so?

      1. 1

        Love it. Especially writing to outline and understand your thoughts.

        In terms of additional ideas: I see that you're on Twitter. Maybe putting a tweetstorm together and @ the people/companies mentioned in your post/podcast. Could be worth a test.

        1. 2

          I'll definitely do that. What topics should I talk about for my future episodes? I am gathering ideas from other people in the niche.

          1. 1

            Something I'm learning from Trends.vc. Follow your interests and people will follow. You're already doing a great job. I think your passion will transfer into whatever topics you choose.

            I took notes from [Learn Web Development] and I've been a developer for 10+ years. Keep it up 👍

            1. 2

              Wow, I'm glad my content is valuable for you. Would you be interested in coming on my podcast? We would do a virtual recording, of course.

              1. 1

                Hey Josh. Just sent you an email.

            2. 1

              Hey Dru, what did you learn from my "Learn Web Development" article/podcast? I'm very curious.

              1. 1

                The first thing that came to mind was knowing your goal.

                More so reminded than learned. We should be reminded daily.

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    Hey, congrats on starting at such a young age!
    I listened to both episodes, I think the first one was a lot better - the second one felt like you were only reading from the script. Maybe write down some topics you want to cover, but try to improvise a bit?
    Overall good job, keep it up!

    1. 1

      Hey, thanks for the advice. I'll improvise more next time. I was trying different things to see what works and what doesn't work.

  16. 1

    Amazing dude. Just listened to episode one. All the best of luck

    1. 1

      Hey, thanks Alan. Do you have any tips on how I would get authoritative backlinks to joshternyak.com?

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    This comment was deleted a year ago.

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