I'm 19, and I made $11,000 with Notion products. AMA!

Hey everyone!

I'm 19, and I create templates for Notion, and this journey of mine started about 6-7 months ago.

In April-May, I started sharing my personal dashboards with the Notion Community, in which later I received overwhelmingly positive responses. This motivated me to distribute these Notion pages as templates for the community.

Back then, I had under 1000 followers and had always struggled to build an audience online. Even so, I tried again and leveraged Twitter to share these free Notion templates I made.

Fast forward to today, here's what I have achieved:
✓ Become a Notion Ambassador
✓ Launched 14 Notion Templates
✓ Made $11,000 Gumroad Sales
✓ Reached 11.1k Twitter Followers

Feel free to ask me anything.

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    Wow that's awesome, congrats!

    One question, what does your age have to do with any of this? :)

  2. 3

    Hey Jason,

    Love your templates and bought your mini course on selling templates << Loved it! Thank you for doing this AMA here are a few questions from me.

    1. How did you become a Notion ambassador? I know there's a process to become a Notion consultant, but what about ambassador I'm guessing they approached you?

    2. How did you figure out pricing for your templates? Was it a case of looking at competitors/ similar templates. Also, how did you figure out which ones to keep free.

    3. Other than twitter are there any other marketing channels/ tactics, or Notion communities/marketplaces (e.g. Notion Everything) you've found to be useful when it comes to selling your templates

    4. How did you figure out the admin side of things e.g how to sell a template in the first place - So creating and publishing a page that only people who have paid for can see. I've been struggling to find documentation/a guide on this.

    5. Love your moniker aka Easlo - How did you come up with it? 😊

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    Hey Jason! Could you tell us more about the Notion templates you've launched? Which ones were the most successful? Also, how did you reach the people who ultimately bought the Notion templates? Thanks!

    1. 1

      Most of my templates were initially created for my personal needs, before I redesign them for more general use and share them as templates. I started with building my presence in community groups like Facebook, Reddit and Twitter and later shared my creations on those platforms. I would say my finance tracker template is one of my best template out there. Check out my website here: https://www.easlo.co

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    Hi mate! Curious why you lead with your age?

  5. 1

    Hey Jason. Congrats! Why Notion? Why not Airtable, or Coda, or Google Sheets, or ClickUp? Or anything else? My real question is how did you overcome or avoid this sort of analysis paralysis? Asking for a friend. 😀

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    Amazing work, well done! How did you grow your Twitter Followers? If you could share practical examples, that'd be great. Thank you!

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    Hi Jason. I was thinking recently to start creating and selling notion templates.

    How do you advise me I start doing this?

    Thanks and all the best!

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    Post your gumroad Notion link

    1. 1

      I have a website for my Notion products, you can check them on easlo.co

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    What growth strategy you used for Twitter?

    1. 2

      Building an audience online is always about consistency and giving. I write and share threads that benefits the No-code/ Notion community and giveaway several free templates on the platform.

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