I'm 20 years old and launched an app that went #1 on the App Store. AMA.

Hi everyone 👋.

I'm Jibran, a 20 year old CS student at UT Austin. 👨‍💻

I built My Workout Group, an iOS app that uses social accountability to keep people working out. It's just me working on the app and we haven't spent any money on marketing. 🏋️‍♂️

This Monday, My Workout Group reached number one on the AppStore for health and fitness and number 45 in all categories.

I'd love to answer any questions that the community has! 😊

Make sure to follow my Twitter @jibran_05, the app account @myworkoutgroup, and download the app if you'd like.


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    What are the top acquisition channels you think helped get your app to the #1 spot?

    Have you done any sort of ASO to get to #1?

    If you had to start over (imagine you just finished developing My Workout Group and launched it), what would you do to grow it and make it reach the top 10?

    Thanks :D

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        Thanks for the question! It's definitely interesting to consider what I would do differently to make it reach top 10. Essentially, I would have to double down on viral loops and focus on making the app easier for users to share. Instead, what we did for our launch was prioritize utility and value add which, when we do focus on virality more, will eventually translate directly to easier user acquisition.

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          Thanks! What kind of viral loops did you use for MWG? Also, did you focus on specific growth channels? Or you just submit to the App Store and it somehow got to #1?

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            We used a lot of social media platforms, such as TikTok, to acquire new users. In terms of viral loops, Gen Z loved sharing their groups with their friends so they could keep each other accountable which, in turn, led to natural sharing and a viral loop.

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    Did you build the app from scratch? Whats the tech stack look like?

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    When will the Android version release?

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    nice!!! this is pretty awesome great work

    android version?

    also possibility to just add your own exercise with an emoji?

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    It seems like there are dozens of these types of apps that have come and gone. What makes yours different?

    All the best! Rooting for you!

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    How did you stumble across this idea? what was your validation?

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      Focus on creating a product that immediately provides value to users' lives. If someone is positively affected by your app, they'll want to share it with their friends.

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    Very nice app! Reading the reviews, it looks like you've done a great job hooking your users.

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      Thank you for your kind words! Appreciate your support.

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    i tought you needed a lot of marketing for that. how do u reach #1 being solo?

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      The main thing that helped us reach number one was creating an insane value proposition for users. Rather than focusing too much on growth hacks or viral campaigns, we built a product that genuinely helped people stay motivated and simply showcased what we built to people on social media.

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    Congrats on the early success!

    What are your plans for the app?

    Monetize via advertising or start to offer paid subscription or keep it free and let its clout grow?

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      Our biggest focus right now is creating as much value add as we can for users rather than prioritizing monetization strategies. By doing this, we're building a product that consumers love and that can eventually be monetized down the line. However we monetize, though, our priority will always remain focusing on users and ensuring that every feature we build will positively impact them in the long run.

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    Hey Jibran,

    Appreciate you taking time to share your experience with the community.

    • How long did it take you to build the app?
    • Do you see yourself in competition with Strava?
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