I'm a copywriter for early-stage startups -- What's your struggle?

So you've created some epic software or service, now you need to sell it. What's the thing you struggle with most when writing a website?

Would love to hear from people at all stages. Link to your existing site if you want a quick 5-min video review.

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    Personally, I’d love your feedback on a product I created FOR copywriters. It’s called Wordblot (https://wordblot.ai). It’s an AI powered writing assistant to help copywriters do their best work. Imagine autocomplete, but with your tone and style for entire paragraphs.

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      Looks like an interesting tool! I've given your home page quite an in-depth review - I recommend watching at 1.5x speed. You can check it out here: https://www.loom.com/share/8328f59978974fafa879eb762b0cec37

      The biggest thing I saw was a lack of who exactly your customer is and how Wordblot moves them from where the are, to where they want to be. What was life like before, and how is it better with Wordblot?

      If you're struggling to get the answer to that question, create a thank you survey for customers who sign up for the trial. Ask them 'what was going on in your life that brought you to Wordbot today?' That should give you a great jumping-off point.

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        Oh my lord! This is incredible! I'm gonna go through this with a fine tooth comb. Your insights are amazing and... just.. wow.

        The audio cuts in and out a bit, but that's okay, I think I can make out most of it. You're incredible and if you think Wordblot is useful, I'm happy to comp you a year to help with your copywriting as a way to return the favor?

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          Thank you so much! Yeah sorry about that audio ^^; My silly Bluetooth suddenly decided headphones AND a mouse was too much to handle.

          That would be awesome! I'd love to test it out as well and see what it can do for web pages. Very interesting!

          As a value add, would you be interested in a little bit extra? I'd be stoked to spend a bit more time actually writing - especially if you're willing to let me turn it into a case study.

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            Once you sign up, just shoot me an email and I'll update your trial. As for extra - yes please... what did you have in mind?

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    I struggle with the uncertainty of what is working and what is not.
    I don't want to add tracking systems like hotjar or google analytics, so it feels like guessing.

    Thank you for the feedback!

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      Heya! If you don't like tracking, then using reviews could work. Every time you get an inquiry or sign up, send a survey asking two or three questions like:

      • How did you find EmbedWS?
      • What feature appeals to you most?
      • Why did you reach out/sign up today?

      Here's your review: https://www.loom.com/share/2fd96da00be9415b813a4f6ce75c090c

      The main sticking point for me was clarity. It took me a while to work out exactly what your tool does. That might be because I'm not a web dev, but you still want your website to be razor clear. You don't need to dumb it down, but you do need to explain in a logical step-by-step manner.

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        Great feedback, I am already working all the points that you mention. I will start looking for surveys alternatives, thanks a lot!

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    Uff, struggle? I’ve spent more hours than I’m willing to admit on my landing page copy and I feel it’s still lacking the “punch”.

    It’s timeivy.com (feel free to tear it to pieces and thanks for doing this! :)

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      Your hours spent writing have paid off seriously well!!! It looks awesome. I've gone in-depth with some ideas you might want to use. https://www.loom.com/share/8cf2fea69ae340db802ad7e01d0986e4

      I think the real thing you want to keep drawing it back to, is what do people complain about most when it comes to time management? And why are they upset? Is it because they feel like they are wasting their life? Don't have time for family? Are overwhelmed by work? Want to find time to start a side project? Getting specific about the pain (and their dream state) will give you the extra punch!

      I signed up to the windows waitlist, so this page is definitely working! Have you checked out Habitica? Similar gamification concept (but they go OTT). They might be an interesting competitor to look at.

      Would love to know what the conversion rate of the page is if you have it?

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        Wow, just wow! Thanks so much for doing this, Claire. I just watched the video and you provided fantastic insights and a few cool ideas too that I'll definitely be implementing soon. I would love to provide you with an "honorary lifetime license" once I launch for Windows, or if there's anything I can do to return the favor, let me know :)

        PS. I don't know my conversion rate yet because I just added analytics recently. But hopefully I'll get a better idea in a couple weeks.

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          Wow! Thank you so much, I'd love to try it out once you've launched on Windows!! Otherwise, if you know of anyone looking for a copywriter, I'd be super grateful if you pointed them my way. My site (WIP) is copyisland.com

          Once you know your conversion rates feel free to reach out! Always happy to help :)

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    Hey Claire! Well I'm launching my product in June, after 6 months of hard work. I also built a website on my own and would appreciate a quick feedback: https://dropchef.app

    Feel free to reach out! Best

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      Hi Ketz! Your site looks great! I think minimum before you launch you need a set of fresh eyes to comb through the copy and edit for any typos etc. But otherwise, all my comments are generally around who your customer is and what they're currently struggling with. Otherwise you should also consider:

      • Adding bullet points for scanners
      • Tweaking some padding and paragraphs for readability
      • Adding in more CTAs to actually sign up/apply for the software (if that's your goal)

      Here's the review: https://www.loom.com/share/7d314c67d64547a5829ee61032bc9378

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        First of all, thank you Claire for this very insightful feedback ! Seriously, this is a quality one and you provided way more value than I expected in the first place.

        You focused on the wording and that’s exactly where I needed an outsider perpective. I do my best and understand quite well english but not enough to give my content more impact. Definitely need to get clearer and more convincing.

        And well, your remarks are clever. You took a customer perpective, paying attention to the conversion funnel and I took in consideration every one of your points - will adjust my content accordingly.

        Do you know about roastmylandingpage ? You can definitely run the same kind of service. Feel free if you need any testimonial, or help with some technical side of your business – would be glad to pay it back.

        Thank you and once again, great job Claire !


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          Thanks @ketz!

          I'm actually busy setting up a similar service to RMLP, but I'm including a written changelog of all the things from the video. Do you think that could be more helpful to founders?

          Thanks for your testimonial offer! What you've written here was great, and I'll happily use it!

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    I'm definitely on the lookout for copywriting advice. Upwork left me a little cold and I definitely need some help here.

    My biggest issue is making better product pages (and appstore listings) that make you want to click. Copy is the biggest failing (I think, but there are many)


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      Ahh I totally understand. Upwork is great when it works but shocking if you get a bad freelancer. Here's a full review: https://www.loom.com/share/ed03bae777554154bb3eaee3f90a3834

      It's a little tricky to give you in-depth advice because the design is so difficult to read. Solving that will put you miles ahead of where you are now. As for what you're saying on the site, it seems to be a complex product with very impactful use cases. A case study could do wonders for you!

      Let me know if you have any questions, I'm happy to help!

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