AMAs December 19, 2020

I'm a full-time student and author. Raised $4000 in preorders for my first book in a month. AMA!

Vedika Dayal @vedikasworld

Hi everyone! I'm a full-time student and also writing a book, called Think Outside the Odds. The book tells the stories of 13 underdog entrepreneurs whose disadvantages fueled their innovation. I like to think of it as a toolkit for achieving the impossible.

Ask me anything about cold emailing entrepreneurs, publishing, writing/creative processes, student life, or innovation! Would love to meet some cool people too.

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    Hey Vedika :)

    What fascinated you about that topic and why did you write a book about it ?

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      Hi Abdelilah. I’ve always felt like a bit of an underdog. When I looked to entrepreneurs I resonated with for inspiration, a lot of them had come from unconventional paths or had rocky starts to what became explosive successes. Weirdly enough, they attributed that to their success. There was a gap for me in their stories: how did they go from being the underdog to being fueled by it?

      It's something I wanted to learn to do desperately, so I decided to reach out to some of these entrepreneurs. Eventually, that turned into this book, and my hope is I can share what I've been learning with others!

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        That's very interesting, how would you distill all those learnings in a few lines ? Like the typical elevator pitch but for what you have learned, I know there is a lot more to it, that's why you wrote a book about it :D, however I am curious.

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          Embrace being the underdog. Once you accept that your disadvantages can actually be the foundations of your innovation, you're on your way to creating something awesome :)

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            That's a great way of phrasing it :)

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