I'm a Maker! - Work With Indies Launch Results

Hey IH! I made a thing!

It is a no-code job board (oh no, not another one) built on Webflow + Typeform featuring jobs for the independent game development community.

You can check it out at https://workwithindies.com

It isn't quite finished and I was a little embarrassed to press the publish button. But then I did. And then I sent a Tweet to my tiny following. The results have been overwhelming!

In less than 24 hours:

  • 1.3k visitors
  • 130 likes and 85 RTs
  • 19k Tweet impressions and 1.1k engagements
  • 138 newsletter subscribers
  • 1 sale (from the new team formed by the creator of Katamari Damacy!)
  • A bunch of great testimonials already on the number of quality applicants studios are receiving!

I won't be doing much marketing for the moment (unless you know better) other than sharing job posts and engaging my users. For example, I'm not planning on a PH launch until I optimize a few things based upon initial feedback. I pushed the site live for product validation and to find bugs. I've gotten that and more!

Thanks for reading. I just needed to shout and tell someone!!

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    Update: 2.5 visitors and 10k page views in 4.5 days!

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    built on Webflow + Typeform

    Flippin awesome! Well done @nathanalexander

    A few questions:

    1. How long did it take?
    2. What else is in the stack (Zapier/Airtable)?
    3. What were some of the biggest hurdles?
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      1. It took weeks. A few part-time hours here and there while learning Figma, Webflow.

      2. Full stack is Webflow, Typeform (w/Stripe), Zapier, Sheets, Simple Analytics, and Mailchimp -- though I have not fully automated everything through Zapier just yet. And... I haven't figured out how to automate populating emails with new job listings. (Tips appreciated!)

      3. Biggest hurdle wasn't one -- which is that I have a network in indie games that allowed me to gain some early awareness. An actual hurdle was really around time management, both making time and using it wisely. I enjoy figuring things out, which means I will often dive too deep into new tools, etc. and can get distracted from execution.

      Part of my early-enough-to-be-embarrassed launch is to make the public commitment and force myself to act fast to make it less embarrassing.

      For example, the first thing that I am going to do is rework the entire landing page below the fold using Jetboost to integrate live filters and search. It is already causing customer pain, so there is some urgency to fix it.

      Thanks for the questions.

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        I haven't figured out how to automate populating emails with new job listings. (Tips appreciated!)

        What do you mean?

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          I will be sending out (currently weekly, but ideally daily) emails to newsletter subscribers with all the new listings that are posted for that week.

          Right now, that would be a manual process of filling out an email template with the company name, logo, job title with a link to the job posting. For each new job.

          I am wondering if that process could be automated through Zapier or another solution.

          All I have found so far through Zapier is the ability to automate an email for a single new post, not a cumulative group of posts.

          1. 2

            Look into using Airtable, enter your email subject/body there (one place). See if you can trigger a Zapier zap, on new Airtable base entries, that then populates a templated email within your ESP and automatically sends it out to your list.

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