Landing Page Feedback August 2, 2019

I'm a non technical and i built a landing page and could use your feedback on it.


Hey guys, you guys have given me and a lot of knowledge and wisdom, thank you. I wanted to see what your thoughts are on my landing page i'm not a technical person and as of now i'm just using a free version of godaddy to start with, but your thoughts will give me an idea of where and what i need to do to solidify what i'm trying to accomplish. Thanks.


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    1 Your logo size is too long; try something like 180X60px for it.
    2 The hero scene is small and the text background is hiding the car in back; So try to remove the text bg and use large image like 1920x1110px with opacity of 50%
    3 Try to add some icons too, that way, your page will load faster.

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