I'm a non-technical founder who built a fully automated, AI powered patient tracking platform with nocode tools (Mobius). AMA!

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    Given that you're charging $999 per month (and therefore seeking pretty high value clients) should you not think about hiring a digital product designer?

    Your site looks like I was put together by someone who... well, can't do web design.

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      hahaha thanks for the honesty mate.

      wait till I tell you..... we did get a designer! you should have seen my first version.

      tbh the website will not be a major channel of sales for us - there is definitely an element of signalling as you indicate, but this will be face to face sales for the foreseeable future.

      it's one of the many mistakes we made - in fact every assumption i had about this business was wrong from the start!

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    Your pricing is....interesting.
    $999/month or $4,500 for a clinic -- are these prices typical in your industry and how did you decide on it?

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      interesting is a very polite way to put it! optimistic? unrealistic? dreaming?? could be:))

      The biggest influence was Patrick from Profitwell who talks a lot about value based pricing. He has tons of content (eg https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/patrick-campbell-and-profitwell/id1139480348?i=1000440568046) talking about this and for us what we realised is that our 'value metric' is return visits.

      In our closed beta we drove 20% patient return rate, with an average value of ~$620 per patient. So for $999 we could provide a direct revenue uplift of ~$12.4K. We also provide an indirect revenue uplift through referring clinician stickiness, as well as improved patient outcomes, performance outcome database and patient satisfaction, so felt like it was a good package.

      NB - we are still pre-revenue! We have approval for paid pilots at that price point, just going through procurement process (currently in month 3, we work with listed health companies so the process is extremely slow).

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    How have you found the scaling of a non-code database?

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      Scaling is a problem I wish we had! It depends on what you use obviously, our prototype was built with airtable (no seriously) and we ran a closed beta with ~70 patients tracked which was enough to validate our product and generate demand.

      We are currently building MVP with bubble.io front end and back end on AWS RDS. Switching to AWS is driven primarily by the need to have data sovereignty for regulatory requirements in the health space. I have no doubt that bubble could have scaled with us, but there dedicated hosting was too expensive for us right now.

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    You mentioned AI in the title. What no-code AI tools are you using? Which features of your product require AI?

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      the output of our platform is a report for the patient which tracks pain over time, so we show this in a graph. The shape of the graph tells the clinician a story - the most important piece in this story is 'do i need to see this patient again'.

      So we built the AI service to replicate this - in our prototype we used levity.ai to scan the graph of the report and tag it with it 'follow up' if it was likely to be a patient who needed follow up.

      so the outcome of this was that the radiologist could look at the high priority reports first and identify which patients needed to come back for further treatment.

      We used a visual AI tool specifically, rather than feed the raw data into an alto because we wanted to mimic role of the clinician as closely as possible. This allowed us to present the story of Mobius in a very accessible way to our clients and helped to move past the hesitation/reluctance that AI powered tools can engender. I have spent the last 7 years selling AI powered tools into various markets, most recently adtech and this was one of my lessons.

      Going forward we can't use levity (although it is awesome, truly plug and play AI tool) for regulatory reasons (mostly data sovereignty) so are building our own capability in-house. Until that is complete it will most likely be human eyeballs pulling a Wizard of Oz.

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    I should have provided more context here - noob mistake!

    We are building a communications platform for Radiologists that automates the patient feedback loop. Our first product is aimed at Injection Therapy and allows clinicians to systematically identify a cohort of previously undiagnosed patients who require follow up treatment. This means we can deliver not just improved patient outcomes but also increased revenue through return visits.

    So far we have:
    built and launched MVP
    run 3 months of beta testing in a live clinical environment with very positive results (99% patient response rate, 12X ROI, 4X patient return rate)
    3 month paid pilot studies will kick off shortly (pending procurement approval) in a number of clinics

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    Nice work and congratulations! Are you targeting small/individual practices first? What nocode tools did you use?

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      so the prototype I built with airtable, clicksend, zapier, outseta, jotform and stacker. This gave me a fully functional tool we could use to run the closed beta test in a live environment. my co-founder is a radiologist so he tested using the platform and it worked great!

      certainly not the most polished product, but our little Frankel-stack of nocode tools did what it was supposed to do and drove value for the client. we got a 99% patient response rate and delivered performance that would mean 12X ROI at our current pricing levels.

      in terms of target market, we are going to chase the larger networks first - my co-founder is part of a large, public conglomerate so will launch with his brand, then associated ones and then leverage this success (hopefully!) to move into other clients.

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    Just a quick suggestion on the design -- don't use pure black/pure white (too stark and difficult on the eyes), and the green/blue you selected are too bright/saturated and don't work together -- especially in a professional setting I would use more subdued colors (the saturated accent color is fine, but the green doesn't go well with the blue you selected).

    Cheers & good luck

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      thanks mate, this is above my pay grade - the first version I launched was black and white :).

      will get the next round of design onto it. soon. maybe.

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    First of all, congratulations on your well-deserved success.

    I need to know, how did you spread the word about your product and acquire customers?


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      thanks mate, not quite successful yet but we have some paid pilots starting soon so hopefully we can scale quickly.

      our original thoughts were to sell online as a traditional SaaS platform - we used Outseta to make sure we could do this, concentrated on SEO (we are #1 for multiple key phrases) and then realised that our clients (radiologists for our first product) were not searching online for a solution to a problem that they didn't know they had.

      so we mapped the market and the top 3 radiology networks in our market in australia control >50% of the clinics. so those are our target clients. there are ~30 mid size networks as well, but those three are our targets so it will be direct B2B sales which I am very comfortable with.

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    Are healthcare compliance officers ready to buy a no-code tool and trust it with their HIPAA data? Will liability insurance companies underwrite your HIPAA liability?

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      I'm in Australia so looking at local market first, which is slightly different from HIPPAA requirements. Our prototype was built entirely in no code but our 2.0 MVP is a bubble front end with AWS RDS back end.

      That being said there are more and more nocode tools which are built for HIPPAA specifically, so this will change.

      the biggest challenge for us was that australian health regulations require data sovereignty - ie all data has to remain in australia. so that's been the challenge as most tools use AWS north america clusters.

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    I feel like I have to ask since this is IH - but what is your ARR/MRR and are your clients typically hospitals and medical organizations? What is it like prospecting towards that industry as I imagine patient data and HIPAA laws require something like Mobius to jump through security-related hoops.

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      we are currently pre-revenue! I need to update the post, but i'm a total noob on this.

      We completed a closed beta in a live clinical environment, got good results (99% patient response rate, 12X ROI) and now have pre-approval for paid pilot studies across a number of clinics.

      The industry is organised into networks, with the top 3 controlling >50% of clinics so we will target them directly.

      Security and privacy is tough! we don't have HIPPAA but the procurement process has involved security review and currently has been running for 3 months... seriously.

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