Landing Page Feedback September 30, 2020

I'm a Product Designer with 2.5 yrs. of experience, let me give you some feedback on your landing page! ✨

Moemin 🛠️ @muchkler

Hi everyone 👋

I'm Moemin, a Product Designer with 2.5 yrs of experience based in Egypt. I'd love to give some of you some feedback on your landing pages 💻.

For some credibility, you can view my terrible portfolio here. Most of my projects aren't even listed there but one of the big ones is, Stacks, which you can view directly [here](]. Keep in mind I am not a developer, so the portfolio isn't really optimized at all.

Please post your landing page with the following template to make it easier:

🖥️ Website URL:
💬 Feedback Request: (i.e. Design basics, UX, etc..)
🥅 Goals: (i.e. increase conversions, retention rate, etc)

Looking forward to seeing your ideas 😁

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    I am working on Preferral API for quite some time now

    Website URL: Preferral API
    Feedback Request: I am not sure if people can understand what the product is about by looking at the landing page.
    Goals: Increase conversions

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    Hi Moemin, Thanks for the offer.
    I am the co-founder of
    Can you please have a look at our website and try our free signup process and suggest improvements.
    I would appreciate your help in this regards.


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    I'm going to take this opportunity to ask a couple of questions even though I just started my latest project and don't have a link to share here, hope that's OK.

    I am selling a single product which solves a physical pain for people. I validated the product sells through other sellers and established the fact I can do it much better than my competition. My questions are:

    1. What platform should I use to build my Landing Page ? Since I'm only selling one product and my goal is conversion of cold traffic through FB Ads, I know that a single landing page will preform better than a store with a home page and product page, navigation, buttons and so on. But I only have experience with Shopify branded stores selling multiple products and I don't know how to code. I considered using Page builders but they fail speed tests, and services like ClickFunnel are expensive in my eyes for what they offer. I've been thinking, maybe I could use a premium theme and turn my home page into some sort of lander by removing all buttons and navigation options, only leaving CTA's throughout and following the AIDA formula, but I have doubts about this.

    2. Since I'm learning to become a direct response marketer and intend to build more and more stores, selling different products and services online, as well creating my own, should I just learn how to code so I can have this ability for the future ? How hard is it to build effective landing pages and funnels ? How long does it take to master that skill ? I just feel like there are no effective solutions to this problem other than being able to code yourself.

    I don't have the luxury of time on my hands with this product right now. I am working with an investor and we split the profits so I have deadlines to bring results. If I can just make this product successful I'll have more time, money and peace of mind to sharpen my skills. Thank you so much for offering your advice here, it means a lot.

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      1. I'm with you on this one, Shopify's fine even for one product, but a single landing page will prove more effective, imo. Check out Refactoring UI, they have a pretty solid landing page for their book that's doing more than great.

      I'd go with a landing page (buy a premium theme). You can even go the Shopify route if you think your product will make a good amount of sales. There's no problem using Shopify even for just one product.

      1. I personally don't know how to code well, but I can; however, say that it has helped me out a ton in bringing my ideas to life and validating them. Learning HTML and CSS is pretty easy, CSS is a little bit tougher to 'master', but you can get good results in short time. The problem is JavaScript, you'll need a ton of time to understand how everything works, but with just HTML and CSS you can cook up some great landing pages.
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        Thanks so much ! I appreciate your response. And yes, I have every reason to believe this product will sell very well. I'm going to take that advice and learn HTML and CSS.

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    Hi Moemin,

    I've recently being trying to work on improving the website for my startup, LexasCMS. It would be great to get your thoughts on it!

    Website URL:
    Feedback Request: Understanding of the product and the benefits it provides
    Goals: Increase conversions


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      Great looking landing page!

      First thought that comes to mind is that the headline Plan, manage and deliver better digital experiences isn't specific enough. There are thousands of ways to deliver better digital experiences, is it through better design? better support? better performance?

      Maybe something along the lines of Plan, Schedule, and Deliver Content From One Central Hub could be better. Definitely something that you can A/B test. Other than that, the rest of the landing page is super clear.

      Here are some pointers that you can use to improve conversions:

      # Work on more landing pages

      I believe an app of this nature would benefit greatly from separate landing pages that you can A/B test. Create another landing page or two that you can A/B test your copy with.

      👉 The signup process was quick and simple, so we're off to a good start. I login and I create my organization but after that, I am lost. I don't have any spaces yet, so I'm looking all around to find a button that would allow me to, I can't find it. This is huge in an app that revolves all around creating a space. (I'm assuming this is a bug for first-time signups because after closing the dashboard and signing in again, I was able to view the Create a Space button, might want to look into this).

      👉 This is SaaS, most of your customers are going to come from your free trial. Work out a strategy to keep them engaged during the 14 days you're offering the trial. If they see no value from the service during the 14 days, there's no real reason for them to pay.

      👉 Finally, qualified traffic is super important. You could post your link all over the internet, but if it's receiving the wrong type of traffic, no amount of signups is going to convert. Figure out the proper channels your audience resides in and target those.

      Not a lot of feedback on the landing page itself as it's super clear, but some overall pointers. Great product and good luck! 😁

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        Thanks, this is great feedback!

        We'll definitely look at making the main headline more specific.

        As for the bug you found, we've actually had this reported before but have never been able to reproduce it 🤔. I'll have to take a deep dive into the code to see what could be going wrong.

        Thanks again!

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    Love this Moemin!

    I don't have a landing page, but it'd be great if you could review the home page of my ecomm store.

    Feedback: Understanding if I clearly define what my product is
    Goals: Increase conversions

    Would appreciate your insights!

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      Love the shirts! Your product is clearly defined, no problems there.

      I'll start with off with saying that you have some of the basics down, which is a great start. Images of people wearing your t-shirts for social proof, adding free shipping, local currency, high quality images, etc.

      👉 With 51.53% of the traffic coming from mobile devices, Google recommends the website loads in 1-2 seconds. Your website takes 9.4s to become fully interactive according to PageSpeed Insights and 2.8s for the first content to appear. That's huge.

      👉 99 cents. People are more likely to purchase higher priced products ending in 99 than lower priced whole number products. Try changing your pricing to $34.99 and A/B test.

      👉 Your homepage is lacking a CTA. Try placing a 'Shop Now' CTA somewhere on your hero image. Check how many of your visitors actually scroll down below the fold vs. how many bounce before scrolling down. You will find that not a lot of people scroll all the way down to your products section, a CTA should help with that.

      Obviously these are only some pointers but other things include cart abandonment, retargeting visitors, etc. That's what e-commerce is largely built on, Marketing. I think you have a good product, next step is great Marketing.

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        This is fantastic! Genuinely appreciate the depth of this feedback.

        Will be sure to implement and record these changes.

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          No problem, good luck with your product!

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