I'm a software engineer who is very comfortable with building web applications using JavaScript. AMA!

Hey guys, I'm a Software Engineer with around 10 yrs of experience in JavaScript. Over the years I've built tons of web applications. These days, I'm building a side-project (www.visabug.com), and also enjoying my work at a Silicon Valley company, where I manage other software engineers.

Happy to help answer any questions that people may have with:

  • Building websites using Node/React
  • Scraping data off sites and APIs
  • Databases
  • How to get something up and running very quickly
  • Algorithms
  • Web Performance
  • Anything else!

Really, just wanna give back to this community.

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    is there is any way to hide my java-script code from others ?
    my first JavaScript add-on i developed earlier have a look

    what do you think ?

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    I'd like to get a data startup going that does predictive analysis. How would you approach that and get it running very quickly to at least the MVP stage?

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      Sorry for the delay in responding. Well, first you have to collect the data. I'm going to assume you have that in some Excel sheet or some other data format.

      Then you need your rules for predicting. This depends on which technology or platform you are familiar with.

      Familiar with Excel/Sheets? Do prediction there and then build an app that literally pulls data out of Excel or sheets (there are APIs)
      Familiar with JavaScript? Use some JS Prediction library or TensorflowJS.

      The absolute mvp would be to do the prediction manually, and curate it on a daily basis. Hard to give more direction without understanding what data you're talking about and what tools you already know.

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        Yes, to all your suggestions.

        I have done it via Excel and it works that way. I'll look around at connecting it via api.

        Thanks for the ideas and response.

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    I am designing User Interfaces for 3 years from now. I think that this is the time to start learning web development. But I am just curious, I want to focus on React, do I really need to learn Javascript from scratch? Or even HTML/CSS ?

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      I think you do, because otherwise you'll get tripped up as soon as you start doing anything other than the simplest React stuff.

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    As someone who is comfortable coding web backends in Python (using flask). I want to transition to frontend development. I have recently completed a basic javascript course (Watch and code) and currently would like to start a project designing web UIs and SaaS dashboards. What would be the best framework for this project?

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      There are a whole bunch of boilerplate frameworks available on Github for Node. It really depends on your preference.

      Some people prefer writing an ExpressJS server from scratch. It's not a lot of code and that way you know what everything is doing. www.expressjs.com. If you're coming from Flask, this may be more your style.

      Others prefer using something like Firebase to get rid of a server completely, and just build a front-end. In this case, you can check out firebase.com, and maybe Create-React-App for the frontendy dashboard part of it.

      Sahat's Hackathon Starter is also very common. You can take a look at that. It'll give you a lot of things for free (user auth, dashboard pages) but you'll have to use the conventions of the project. https://github.com/sahat/hackathon-starter

      Hope that helps!

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