I'm a solo entrepreneur, let's connect on Twitter and make a community!

Hey solo entrepreneurs!
Let's connect on Twitter, drop your handles below and follow, so we can all connect on Twitter!



I've built Waffle AI, a super fast chatbot platform.
Waffle AI:

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    Another solo-founder here, happy to connect! :)

  2. 1

    Any other enterprise software devs looking for freedom?


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    Hey guys, nice to connect with all of you! Make sure to follow each other

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    Hi! let's connect! See you on twitter! @frandevme

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    I tweet daily about my learnings about startups, IH, and Marketing. I also drop weekly threads where I go deeper into a subject!

    My account: https://twitter.com/angezanetti

    See you there!

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    I'm building insighttribe.co

    Here's my Twitter profile, https://twitter.com/bengZahid

    Let's follows and learn from each other.

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    Let's do it. I'm also starting a newsletter for solo-founders (PM me on twitter if you'd like to be added).

    https://twitter.com/GimelGabriel and if you'd like the product updates https://twitter.com/UseTooltip

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    Cheers! let's connect. Currently, I'm building an IoT product.

    Here is my Twitter;

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    is there a way to create a separate group on Twitter, would be good for mutual support?

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      Yes, we can create that, Maybe @Piyush can add us.

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    Cheers mate! Followed!! .. Here is my twitter: https://twitter.com/rcdookie

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    Thanks for your post. Here is my twitter : https://twitter.com/saurabhc135 and I am working on growing zcal.co.

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    Done following you on Twitter 👍
    Follow me also: @eugenesergio

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    I am also a solo entrepreneur. Building https://visioun.com & https://spookey.io & also a productize service called wizards.inoryum.com

    Happy to connect. Here is my twitter https://twitter.com/SaleheenKhan1

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    Sounds good! I'm www.twitter.com/MatthewStibbard

    I also made an Aussie Founders discord because it's extremely lonely doing the solopreneur thing, especially in a country where it's basically unheard of...

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