AMAs June 24, 2020

I'm a sponsorship expert and can help with your project. AMA

Jordan Succar @Jordan971

Hey friends,
I'm pretty experienced with sponsorship, not only as an event organizer and owner of a coworking space with the revenue based on sponsorship but also as the cofounder of, a SaaS dedicated to sponsorship management that got almost 20K users so far.

If you have any questions regarding sponsorship, I'd love to help you!

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    Took me a good 3 minutes to understand what "Sponsorship" is in this case. Even though it's a word I know.

    So like "Get sponsors for your events, newsletters, & content" right? That's pretty interesting.

    Do you have a list of some examples anywhere? Or case studies? Mostly trying to understand where this is applicable and how.

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    What sponsorship opportunities do you see for

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      Can you tell me more about your audience and how you engage with them ?

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        My audience is made up by users of my website and subscribers of a daily quiz email campaign. I engage with these Japanese-language learners through email primarily.

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    Been trying to get sponsors for

    Any idea for best approach?
    Thank you

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      Newsletter is special: most approach would focus on metrics such as subscribers, click rates and conversion and so "sell" it to sponsors with an "advertising" approach.
      Only a few (which I love) would rather have a co creation approach and focus as much as possible to create value for the audience, not only showcasing a sponsor that truly make sens for the audience but also by creating value for others that may never buy the product to the sponsor.
      Think of if as a "MAGAZINE". Your newsletter, if you execute well, is waited and welcomed by your audience. From there, you may have "ads" and you can also have "infomercial".

      So before going after the sponsor, decide what do you want. Based on that, get your metrics prepared but also sell more "dream": create a simple template showcasing how it would look like for the sponsors to be included in the newsletter and propose to create a more quality content together.

      Then go on, create a simple deck to showcase all this 😃.

      I'll talk later about the sales process if you are interested.

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