I'm an indie writer, author & writing coach... ask me anything :)

Hey everyone,

I’m Jas 🙂 I left my corporate job in 2015, and it’s been quite the experimental adventure but I’ve been writing ever since.

I started my first blog that same year, I eventually stuck with a blog for creative introverts for 3 years, before now taking a renewed direction with the publication of the book I released earlier this week, The Indie Author. (I've just launched it on ProductHunt, too).

I’m working on my writer business full-time now, sharing my indie writing journey as it unfolds, mostly through my blog and my youtube channel. My long-term goal to sustainability is to continue to build my audience, and make money from 1:1 coaching, courses, my books & other opportunities as they arise/unfold (e.g. youtube / podcast sponsorship).

Specifically, I help writers & aspiring writers to write freely and make an income from their writing if they wish to… sharing what I’m learning as I go. I’m an advocate of journalling, and I truly believe that writing a book will change your life 📖

I’ve made 4-figures from my blog/creator work so far, and there’s been lots of experimenting in between, but the publication of this book marks the start of a new chapter with 📔 Diary of an indie writer (my blog/business) and I’m really looking forward to the months ahead. I'm hoping next comes five-figures, and then perhaps even six. Freedom is more important to me than money, but I'd like to be able to sustain myself and my (future) family, ideally 🙃

I'd love to answer any questions you have about: blogging, writing a book, being a creator, an introvert (i’m an infp!), my journey, or absolutely anything, really.

I’ll keep an eye on this post for any replies/questions over the coming days… AMA! 😊

Thanks for stopping by,


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