AMAs July 1, 2020

I'm Bram Kanstein. Maker of Startup Stash (#1 all-time product on Product Hunt), No-Code MVP, and 2 other products that were acquired. AMA!

Bram Kanstein (@bramk) @bramk

Hi! 👋 I'm Bram Kanstein (@bramk). Early-stage startup expert, non-technical product builder (3 sold), and aspiring Hyperfreelancer. This is my first AMA ever and I'm super excited!

I've made and sold the following products:

My current project is a course called No-Code MVP:

  • In this course, I teach people the mindset, process, and tools to rapidly turn their idea into a first product they can test with real customers, all without knowing or learning how to code.
  • Currently 250+ members (25% are developers)
  • Monthly revenue between $4K-$6K
  • Launched it after doing $8K in pre-sales

Got any questions for me? Ask me anything, I'm an open book!
Topics can include Idea Validation, building an MVP, go-to-market strategy, launching, product development, Product Hunt, networking, etc.

📅 I'll come back to give my answers on Thursday July 16!
🕘 From 12pm PST / 3pm EST / 9pm CEST

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    Hi Bram,

    Big fan of what you do! I am following your journey closely since i find it very inspiring.

    Where do you get the initial traffic for your projects? Do you use your already established Twitter account? Or you use other resources like posting here, on PH, forums, etc...

    Also, do you build an email list for every project? What type of communications do you deliver on those lists?


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    Awesome! Been following you on Twitter and of course very impressed with what you've achieved.

    My question is: for new makers who want to get to profit quickly, which type of product would you recommend they build: B2B, B2C, or doesn't matter? And why?

    Thanks for the opportunity to ask!


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    Hi Bram thanks for taking the time out to do this.

    Since we are talking MVPs, one question I have is, what do you recommend bootstrappers and indie hackers do for User Testing. Typically the existing alternatives are expensive and this is an important part of understanding how well your solution solves your customers problems.

    Thanks and God bless!

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    Hi Bram 👋

    I recently also sold a side-project.
    Now I'm writing about this (My personal journey of building, marketing and selling my side-project).

    My questions:

    1. What made you an "Early-stage startup expert"?
    2. Since you sold 3 projects yourself, do you see this as something repeatable and easy to reproduce?
    3. Why did you sell startup-stash?
    4. What would be your tips for me to increase the presales of my first ebook?
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    I'm curious about the number of requests for coaching calls you're getting. I don't expect an exact number by any means, but is it several per day, per week, per month?

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    Do you have a preferred method of idea validation, or does it depend on the project?


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