I'm building a Chrome extension that finds out what font is being used on a website

Hey there, the names Jojo Duke.

So basically, as a web developer, anytime I'd surf the web, go to a website, product landing page, or the like I always realized that most websites use the most beautiful and unique fonts for their web designs, and a lot of times I always wondered what font/typeface that is.

So I decided to use that opportunity to build out my first side-project; Fontsnatcher

Fontsnatcher is a Chrome extension that allows you to discover and "snatch" the fonts being used on websites and landing pages. A user simply turns on the extension, hovers over a text element on a page, and clicks it to get all the information about it and save that info for later use.

This can especially help developers, designers, and typographers when they want to get creative or simply when they're curious about a certain font.

The actual Chrome extension is in development right now, so I'm posting the landing page here to see if I can get any feedback on the product.


Please feel free to check out the landing page and comment below, Thanks~

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