I'm building a new membership nocode tool and need beta testers.

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    I created PowerImporter for people who build on the AWZ stack (Airtable+Webflow+Zapier).

    My mission was to get rid of all the complicated zaps required for keeping Airtable and Webflow in sync. PowerImporter replaces the Z in AWZ... to give you the "WAP" stack instead. 😊

    But, when trying to build members-only functionality on the WAP stack, the existing solutions like memberstack require more zaps!

    So, I decided to get rid of those too, with MemberRow.

    I need some beta testers. You actually don't need to be using Webflow. It works with any HTML.

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    Heyy, @JudoHacker would love to test your tool and give valuable feedback, if you dont mind.

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      Thanks! I'll DM you when I'm ready.

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    Really cool!

    Looks like it will solve a huge problem with memberstack and other membership tools where you can disable JS and see all the content.

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      Yeah, that's one of the funniest little secrets about the existing JS based tools out there. 🤣

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    Hi Marc,
    Just interested to know what are the differences between MemberRow and Softr or Stacker?

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      The big difference is flexibility. If Softr doesn't have a template for your business idea, you are out of luck. MemberRow works with any website you build, as long as you can add a JS snippet.

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