I'm building a product for junior developer...

Today I'm officially starting my journey of making my own startup!

The Problem

The problems I encountered is the introduction of young developers into the dev world.

The multitude of languages ​​and the high learning difficulty make entering the dev world a very long process.

The Solution

So here’s what my solution will be: a platform where a junior dev can easily find job advertisements, training courses and mentors to follow

What do you think? Share with me some feedback.

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    Too broad. I would pick one and start there. Junior devs have endless supply of resources for learning. Maybe aggregate junior friendly job postings... If you do plan on listing resources, find a fresh approach (try to stick with the language you work with and give review snippets on some of the more helpful sites you already use and label them based on growth).

    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback 😊

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