I'm different, this won't happen to me. Oh, but it will ..

I have read the following statements multiple times:

  • You can never launch too early.
  • Marketing is as/more important than building the product.
  • Making changes on your product based on your own assumptions and not on customers’ feedback is just taking stabs in the dark.
  • And many more ...

And I was unable to fully appreciate their depth until I made the mistakes myself.

Wishful thinking is a bitch. We always think that it is unlikely that we suffer the negative outcomes others are facing. When reading an article or learning about someone's experience, between the “I am different, this won’t happen to me” and the “Uncanny, that is exactly what happened to me”, maybe there should be an intermediate stage, an “I should pay more attention, this might happen/be happening to me” stage .

There is no big reveal awaiting or revolutionary technique that I am about to share to counter that. This is just a cognitive bias that my not-so-rational human brain suffers from.

So the next time I read an article about someone dissecting a problem and generously sharing his/her mishaps, I’d take the time to examine, compare, question my current actions and, maybe, course-correct.

Anyway, back to building Repozix and learning to cope with my cognitive biases.

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