Product Development February 16, 2020

I'm going all in on a new product. Help me name it please :-)

Mick @Primer

I (like most of us) scale up new shit all the time, however I have 2 serious products that I have been maintaining for years and are post-revenue.

A new thing I've been working on is about to become "serious product number 3".

This is new for me as I'm building something that already exists; by that I mean there are other solutions to the problem that are already out there making money.

I always preach that you should not be put off building something because there are already companies active in that space, and I guess I'm now practicing what I preach.

What's the product?

Imagine you're giving a talk. It could be a presentation to a small room at your work or at a huge conference like TED - it's all the same.

Now imagine your first slide that was up as people were entering the room was a url and an access code. Folks go to that site, enter the code and then they are in your "event" and can submit questions to you as you go. As the speaker you can address these questions in real time, at the end of your session, or later.

What problem does it solve?

  1. I've been in many large conferences where I wanted to ask a question but couldn't.

  2. I've been in many smaller conferences where the flow of the day was completely derailed because idiots kept asking questions and disrupting the speaker.

  3. I've GIVEN many presentations / talks where you actually want questions, but no-one is willing to speak up... and then after the talk is finished you get a lot of people trying to ask you stuff in person.

It solves all of that.

is it validated as an idea?

Yes; there are already companies in this space with big customers, making a lot of money.

How am I different / better?

I'm not going after corporations like the main players in this arena. I'll be looking more at the lower end of the market. Also my feature set is quite different.

what's it called?

This is where I'm stuck. I'm thinking "Ask Hub", "Ask Anything", "Any Questions" etc etc but they're all rubbish. Would love any ideas.

Thanks if you made it this far.

PS. the software is already built. I'm focussing on brand and UX now.

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    Love this idea so hard!

    Hand Raiser

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      If you don't mind then, I'll let you know when I'm taking signups :-)

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        Please do!

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            Dig it!

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    I would call it "TimelyQA" or "Timely Questions" :)

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      Nice angle! I'll ponder on it. Thanks!

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    Easy. :)

    Cool idea! I would probably do this with a huge QR-code on the first page and implement it with websockets and a redis queue with a TTL on it so it will delete itself after N days.


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        Great idea, great name!

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      +1 for the QR code, phone cameras can read them from ridiculously far away. I learned this from watching Chinese presentations and seeing them use WeChat QR codes.

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      Web sockets already in play! thanks for the name idea.

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    i got the perfect domain for you:

    Definition of symposiast
    : a contributor to a symposium

    Definition of symposium
    1a: a convivial party (as after a banquet in ancient Greece) with music and conversation
    b: a social gathering at which there is free interchange of ideas
    2a: a formal meeting at which several specialists deliver short addresses on a topic or on related topics
    b: a collection of opinions on a subject
    especially : one published by a periodical

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      Maybe a bit high-brow for me :-)

      Thanks though!

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        isnt that precisely your target market/audience? how can precisely understanding your target market/audience be high brow?

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          I would imagine the vast majority of folk (myself included) would not have a clue what "symposiast" meant - thus, high brow.

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              lol either you're trolling me or.... something else.

              Yes, English is my first language and yes I do know what a symposium is. However I would not immediately have known what "symposiast" meant.

              1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th rule of picking a domain: make it easy to say to someone verbally without having to explain it or spell it.

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                  wow... I refrained from saying it before but now I can't hold back: You just sound like an asshole.

                  When did I say I worked in the industry?

                  btw "wouldnt", "Im" and "youve" should have an apostrophe in them.

                  If you're gonna attack people about their "competent English" at least get the basics right.

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    I've used Google Slides Q&A to do this before! Excited to see what other features you'll be bringing to the table. I'd love to see some branding options, and maybe live polls.

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      Live polls on the pipeline for sure but trying to stay focussed for now lol

      Thanks for commenting!

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    Give a try!

    I played around with it for a few minutes before typing this comment, it generates some funky names. It might help.

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      Screw namelix, use an IndieHackers product:

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        haha consider it used!

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        Love this. Thank you for sharing!

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        I tried to email you @makr but I got a response saying email address doesn't exist.

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          Sorry about that - I just recently deactivated that email - my new personal one is up

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      Very cool site, thanks for sharing!

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    Ask The Speaker

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    Here's one, and it's available

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    Hi there Mick, I think you're really on to something here! I might have an idea to inspire you that has nothing to do with the name. Since you don't want to go after the big corporations, but (it sounds like) more the little guy: why don't you make it a way to connect with the speaker (on socials for example) as well. Or make it so that the speaker can answer questions via your app even after the presentation is finished. The biggest ROI for most people giving a presentation is the amount of people remembering and engaging with the subject of presentor after the talk is over... Just some random thoughts... Hope they inspire you.

    Have a great day!

    Oh and perhaps call it: thoughtlink? Perhaps not sexy enough tough...

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      Hi mate, great feedback. I'm happy to say that the speaker can continue to reply to questions long after the session has ended. That's part of the magic of it I believe. They can be answering questions from the audience while on their flight home, for example.

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        Yessss that’s perfect! I think that’s part of the magic indeed. It also gives a bigger incentive for the speaker to use your app when preparing a presentation.

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    interslides for interactive slides.
    be quick, .com is still available.

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    Try SquadHelp. They are really great. I can almost guarantee you will find a name you love.
    Good luck.

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      Yeah i read about these guys. Kinda like 99Designs but for names?

      Only problem is that I have no money right now lol

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    I love this idea. A couple of my customers have actually asked for this kind of thing (my product is an event app).

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      Maybe we can do a deal lol

  13. 1 ( Questions And Answers )
    Questione ( from italian ) ( from Question in Swedish )

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        Oh, is it the new name? That's a clever name. Congrats Mick !

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          Thank you. All the suggestions in this thread really got me thinking outside of the box.

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            I can imagine, sometimes is worth asking. Very good !

            Let me know when you are starting to get users or you just want users awareness.
            I could feature it on my newsletter as an interesting link ( its free ) for

            Best wishes !

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              Thanks a lot Michael. I would certainly like the extra eyeballs! as we all would I'm sure lol.

              The landing page is now taking signups for updates, but if you'd rather not do that then I'll make sure I tell you on here.

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                Ah ok ! Then it can be featured this Tuesday if you want to ?

                Send me the logo if you have it and a small text description to [email protected]

                Like in the end of this last email.


                If you want to know..

                +- 400 subs.
                30% open rate
                4.3% click through

                • Audience
                  Product designers
                  Ui/Ux designers
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      I like a few of these names! Thanks so much for suggesting.

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        You are very welcome primer. I am i the same situation more or less. I can feel the struggle. Btw, they are not taken

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    I like "any question", or "any q"

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      "Any question" was my first idea but I feel it's too pedestrian.

      anyq is good! I have reservations about how communicable that domain name would be though. seems like the kinda thing you'd need to spell out everytime you said it lol.

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    SpeakerBot, SpeakToMe, SpeakerQuery, QuestionQueue - Just thinking out loud :)

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      all awesome! thanks!

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        You're welcome!

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    Very interesting Mick.


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      like it! thanks!

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    Cool idea actually. You could also jump into the AI game and eliminate duplicate questions.

    Check out

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      Namewink is my next port of call!

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    What about: "QnA"? so it's pronounced like an acronym, "q" "n" "a"
    namecheap says is $8/yr

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      Love this... let me play around with it as a brand.

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    The main customers you will be targeting will be speakers. So I'd go with something like SpeakerChat or SpeakerAsk or something that has speaker or presenter in it. I wouldn't go with an obscure term that you can't expect the average googler to type in or a long phrase that looks unprofessional or hard to remember.

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      I agree with the stuff about an obscure term. the balance is not getting something too pedestrian to be brandable.

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    Try some domains that are on auction at They are relatively cheap expiring domains that might fit your category.

    Current auctions:

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    I really like the idea. Consider naming it "Present Question". It kind of sounds kind "presentation", but has connotations of asking questions when you're present. A search on shows that the domain and most of the social media accounts are available.

    I'm not sure if QR codes can be scanned at a distance, but that would be pretty cool to point your camera at the slide and get connected.

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    What about something with "Q and A" or "Q n A"? That's what I think of when I think of speaking events like this.

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    hmm, I own If you like it, I'm open to selling it.

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        why would I check that out? Spambot!