I'm having an idea for clipons (sunglasses ones) and I need some feedback

Hello people, so I faced a problem the other day, which might sounds like such a first world problem but bear with me.

I recently moved to Spain and it's my first summer here, I ride the bicycle everywhere I go and lately its becoming very warm and sunny (duuh it's summer you stupid). So I was thinking of getting a pair of sunglasses to help me in not hitting someone with my bike when driving in a sunny day (and for the fashion ofc) but wait a minute I have prescription glasses without which I cannot see that well. Went to the glasses shop, there are two options either get some clipons that are not even fitting my glasses that good or make some prescription glasses with lenses for the sun which could be a little costly (third, getting contact lenses but I hate them).

So I was thinking, 3D printers are a thing right now, why not just 3D print some clipons custom made for my exact pair of glasses, since glasses shop don't provide clipons for most of their pairs this could be useful to somebody else as well and maybe could be even cheaper.

This idea obviously fits one of my needs, I'm interested if there are people with the same need as me? What do you think?

Another problem would be getting the special lenses for sunglasses which at this moment I have no idea who makes them or how you could get a custom size pair, if anybody is (or has been) working with these kind of things, I would appreciate any kind of feedback on how this process could unfold.

Thanks a lot!

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    I wear prescription glasses and I only buy frames that come with clip on shades. I spend most of my days sitting in dark so going out is horrible due to increased sensitivity. I live in Asia and there is this glasses chain called OWNDAYS. They have many models that come with different color shades. They're my favorite. I always buy a couple for each frame. Here's an example: https://www.owndays.com/sg/en/products/SNP2009F-N?sku=5085

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      wow they have tons of models thanks, maybe I can get my next ones from here :)

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    Hei Alex. I like your idea. Probably you can find lens on eBay or aliexpress . Did you tried?

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      Very good idea thanks, I reached out to some lenses providers in AliExpress

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        Happy to hear that. Let us know about the progress.

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