I'm launching my product on PH tomorrow. What advice you got?

I know, I don't have much time. I haven't launched in a long time, so I just wanted to know if you have some last moment advice on launching on PH.

It would be great to know what was your experience recently.

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    Hi Chopra.

    I launched PostSheet last week and Pikaso in February on PH. They ended up as products #5 and #4 of the day.

    Here are my tips:

    • Choose as many topics as it makes sense for your product. This won't affect the launch, but will later help people discover your product.
    • The first comment is very important. Make it easy to read by breaking it up into sections and using headings with emojis.
    • Links to your website in the description and also in the first comment. Make it easy for people to quickly visit your website, if they find it interesting.
    • After your first comment, post a poll and ask for feedback. This will help people engage more.
    • Post at exactly 12:01 AM PST. You want to have the maximum exposure time.
    • After posing, immediately tell your friends and announce it on your social media and every other channel that you have. Early upvotes help you stay at the front page during the day which gets you even more upvotes.
    • Monitor your product page throughout the day and quickly reply to comments. Big number of comments shows that people are interested in your product and affects the PH ranking algorithm.

    Good luck with your launch. Ping me when you launch it so I can upvote it.

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    Just wrote this if you're keen


    Had it even verified by an ex-PH employee and several that landed at #1 and #2 spots

    All the best

    And yes like the first point says, don't stress on it, lol its one of the many 1000 things you'll be doing to gain traffic

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    I launched mine today. Didn't even get featured. This is my 2nd attempt after 7 months and not even sure what went wrong. I have no clue how it works!

    But it's better to do the basics right and relax! All the best!

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      Yep, I think it's difficult to take learning's from it. Seems a hit or miss equation!

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    big + 1 on the analytics. I had two (reasonably) successful launches and one dud. The two that were successful it would have been nice to see the numbers.

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      Been there, still haven't added analytics to one of my product I launched last year. Would have been good to see the numbers!

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    All the best Meet!

    One advice I'd give is how easy you can make the demo / first view will determine how deeper they'll check your product out!

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    Don't lose sleep over it. It's overly-hyped and very underwhelming in the long run. Yes, you might get a huge uptick in people signing up but the biggest challenge you need to consider is what are you trying to get out of this? Feedback and early testing is vital.

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      And, this is not sustainable as well. It's just one time!

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    Although I haven't yet launched my product ruttl on PH, I have read a lot that you should not get worried if the ranking keeps shifting up and down. Just stay calm because it's just one part of the entire marketing activities you need to do for your product!

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      Agreed. Easy to forget sometimes, it's just the start.

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    Hello Product Hunters! We are creating a slack group to share ideas for PH launch. If you like to join, you can fill out this form. https://forms.gle/LehhYocbCSPMnFU36

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    make the text simple, and pay for ads if you can afford

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    How did the launch go?

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    I made a fun little website called http://thinktwice.me/, which ended up being the 3rd highest product of the day on PH. We had over 10,000 users in 100 countries within 24 hours of posting.

    A tip: be as friendly as possible, drop the professionalism, and get personal with people commenting, sharing, and upvoting your product. People love vulnerability & authenticity. Good luck!

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      Curious to know what the long-term benefits have been since you have had those numbers? Has the user-base increased? Has engagement increased?

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        Definitely dropped after the PH launch. Since this was a fun tool and not an actual product, we were happy with the result.

        If we were actually building something long term, we would probably use PH ship/upcoming features and send updates periodically.

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    We did not get any traffic at all for our launch. Seemingly some people know how to do it but not we. :)

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      hit or miss equation!

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    sounds an obvious one, but try not to mess up the timing - I tried to use the scheduler and got the date wrong last time cos of the timezone differences 😅

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      yeah, I did this one too. But, it's good that PH support team is supportive. They featured it in today's section after I messaged them.

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        yeah same thing for me, they're awesome

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    Be sure to have analytics in place and check what your users are doing!

    I've recently added analytics for the video playback aswell - I now see how long they are watching and if they are more likely to convert after seeing the video!

    Good luck on the launch!

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    Hi Chopra,

    For the starters, you need to read this first and cross verify the checklist for optimal launch. https://blog.producthunt.com/how-to-launch-on-product-hunt-7c1843e06399

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      Yeah, gone through that! It's been there for a long time!

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