Deals March 27, 2020

I'm offering 50% off to indie makers & small businesses for a spot on Product Disrupt Newsletter

Darshan Gajara @WeirdoWizard

These are uncertain times and I understand that all of us have been affected by the coronavirus outbreak.

I would like to help small businesses & indie makers by offering a 50% discount for a spot on Product Disrupt Newsletter that reaches over to 2.5k creatives from all over.

Please note that this is an independent newsletter that I've been running for over 2+ years and have only started covering the costs just recently. I'm not in a position to offer free spots. By paying for it, you would also help support the newsletter.

Here's the reduced pricing for sponsorship
• $110 for 1 issue
• $200 for 2 issues

Click here to see the past issue.

I send 2 newsletters every month and the next available spot is from 30 Apr.

Write to me on [email protected] if interested. Also, feel free to ask any questions either here or through email.