I'm pivoting my transcription tool to the IH/Content Creator Community. LMK how I can 10x your content game? 🤩 🥳

Hey IH's/Content Creators!

As the title says I own Spread - which is a basic (and easy) transcription platform that I am going to pivot into a tool that makes content creation and content repurposing so overpowered!

I had a few ideas such as;

  1. Empowering users to create blog posts from their transcripts (paraphrased)
  2. Clipping video/audio bites of the content by using the transcript to select
  3. Creating key-takeaways, tweets, and summarising transcripts

All of these ideas would be partly automated/partly manual. So hopefully that gives you a decent idea of how it would work.

What I want to know is, do you want this? Would you use it and if so, how, when, and any other details would be great!

Please reply below :)

My transcript --> content ideas
  1. They're all great ideas - MAKE IT NOW
  2. I like the premise but these specific ideas aren't the best
  3. I'm not a fan. Cancel this.
  1. 1

    Hey Louis, I think this is a decent idea, but not sure whether this is the right audience.

    Probably you should be going to successful podcasters or maybe you already are going to them.

    Folks who have a proven business model, already seeing success with audio/video content. Premium transcription makes sense to them.

    1. 2

      Hey bro, thank you so much for this reply!

      If you know any (un)successful podcasters then please link them to this post - it would mean a lot!

      Thank you again kind sir :)

      1. 1

        There's a podcasters group on IH, probably you can find some people there.

        But Id say, try and find people who are already making money through podcasting.

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