I'm putting together a list of free(mium) tools for indie hackers. Pull requests are welcome! ❤️

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    I have made some free ones here, feel free to add them, hope it helps.


    Create beautiful backgrounds waves for your designs.


    Ready Made Tailwind CSS blocks, for your next project.


    A UI theme for VS Code and more.


    Color and typography for Web Developers and Digital Designers.


    Keep yourself accountable while learning Tailwind. Share your process on Twitter with the hashtag


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      The one with backgrounds looks cool! You might want to open a pull request on GitHub to add it to the list 😉

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    I'm not sure if it fits your collection spirit, but I gather starter kits for SaaS here https://github.com/smirnov-am/awesome-saas-boilerplates
    Some of them are FOSS.

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      Cool, checking out! Thanks 😎

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    For the design section:
    Visiwig.com/icons has free icons
    SVGBacgrounds.com has free background designs

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    This list looks really Cool Max 😎 Sending in a PR that I think fits the description so well

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    Does this fit the list?

    It's a tool / way for indie hackers to improve writing skills: https://www.heycopy.io/

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      Yes, if it's something devs could benefit from, a dot has a free plan 😎

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        Yep, I think all devs could benefit from improving their writing skills :D And its totally free.

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    Wow, there are many suggestions in the comments! Please consider opening pull requests if you feel it would be a great addition to the existing collection 😉

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    I once did freesaas.monster with the same idea.
    The site is no longer up, but you can find services list and their pricing here: https://github.com/danbars/free-saas/blob/master/data/services.json

    Feel free to copy everything from there

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      Awesome, thank you! This indeed can be helpful 👍

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    Hey Max,
    Thanks for putting a great tool together! Please see below resources that may interest startups.

    1. SubmitJuice -a helpful list of 150+ directories to submit your new startup to help with your product launch and marketing https://www.submitjuice.com/directories
    2. GrowmySaas - growth and conversion strategies for early stage SaaS startups https://www.growmysaas.co/#Free-Sample
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      Jon, thank you! those links will definitely be a great fit for a collection that is resource specific.

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        Thank you for including us! We will also explore the list to see what other great businesses have to offer.

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    Great list, buddy !

    Also, ClickUp for project management: used a bit, looks cool.

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      Of it has a free plan and brings value to developers / indie hackers - please consider opening a pull request 😉

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          Added, thank you! 🔥

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    @prilutskiy Add Zoho for custom domain business Email .

    The free plan include :-

    5 user accounts
    5GB storage/user
    Email Attachments up to 25MB
    File upload limit: 1GB
    Two-factor Authentication
    Email hosting for a single domain

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      Your pull request is very welcome ✨✨

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      It's my pleasure to give back to the community ❤️

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    1. Airtable gives you $10 bucks per every new user you invite
    2. F6S has some awesome deals like $2400 for 6 months of 1Password
    3. YC Startup School gives $5k of AWS
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    What no HTML templates? :) Check out the FREE ones, MIT licensed, unrestricted download, with images included and device mockups! on Inovatik.com
    Awesome list Max, starred

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      New categories are welcome too 😉 Please consider sending a pull request on GitHub ♥️

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