I'm rolling out a new pricing structure, would appreciate feedback

Here is my product: visualbonus.com

I have clients who have users that range from 3-25. They will never get larger than 25. We are a B2B company. My previous pricing was:

  • 5 users = $95 /m
  • 6+ users = $120 /m
  • 30 day free trial

I want to bump up pricing a little bit and agents with 10+ users were getting my program at a deal. More users is directly correlated with higher revenue from the client.

New Pricing:

  • 3 users $95 /m and +$9 each new team member
  • $195 /m for unlimited everything
  • 14 day free trial

Feedback would be greatly appreciated!

  1. 1

    Personally I would be careful with the $195 /m for unlimited everything. But a lot depends on what your product is, how much your costs are increased when for instance a client with 50 users becomes your customer.

    As @acedit said, it would be easier knowing what your product is.

  2. 1

    It would be much easier to visualize it if seen on a pricing page.
    It's hard for me to provide feedback without knowing your product and seeing how you present the pricing itself on the page.

    Maybe Trello's pricing page could give you some ideas? https://trello.com/en/pricing

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