🤝 I'm selling my business, any experience?

Hello, fellow indie hackers!

First of all, thank everyone who makes IH possible and to the community. I wouldn't be writing this if it was not for your amazing contributions. I hope to give back to the community by being more open on my new projects.

I love building stuff, however, I can't find the time to ship stuff anymore. Because of this, I've decided to sell one of my SaaS projects, so I could focus again on creating.

I've already got a valuation, but unfortunately, that figure won't be the same in my bank account:

  • Convert it to your currency
  • Subtract broker fees
  • Subtract escrow fees
  • Subtract VAT
  • Subtract capital gain taxes specific to your country

To make a final decision I need to understand what would be the net money I'd get. I already hired an accountant, but he doesn't have any experience in selling SaaS businesses outside my country (can't blame him for that). So I wanted to hear about your experience.

My question here is about VAT:

  • How does it work when selling a business?
  • Do I need to pay VAT as if the buyer was a regular customer of my SaaS?
    (for context I'm from the EU, and the buyer might or might not be in the EU)

Any other advice would be appreciated too!

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    Axvi - how did it turn out with the VAT?

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    Congrats on the sale agreement! 🔥🚀

    I'm not really sure about how this would work as I'm not a finance dude, however I do know that the tax authority in your relevant region as they would be able to offer some insight. So if you're in the UK, HMRC for example.

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      Good advise, I'll check with the local tax authorities too, I don't want a painful surprise in a couple years

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