I'm selling my side project - Wave, a popup tool

Wave is a popup tool where a users can get dozens of high quality popups. Wave contains extensive configuration and with 100% customization available.

You might know it is a growing industry with multiple players that exists with million dollar ARR. The market is growing rapidly after COVID as more business, blogs have started their website.

Here's why I'm selling it:
I'm a marketer, with full time job who codes on the side. I lost the interest in programming on the way, and decided to stop pursuing it. The product is ready and stable, but I haven't launched it yet!

And, that's gives a massive opportunity, as you can launch on Product Hunt and other platforms.

Tech Stack
The tech stack includes HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery for frontend. The backend is in Nodejs. Hosted on ec2, database is MySQL Amazon RDS, using S3 for storage, Elastic cache (Redis) for caching and rate limiting (optional to use, can be removed) and Cloudflare for caching and DNS management.

Here's the link: waveapp.io

Please contact me at [email protected] if you wish to know more.


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