I'm starting a challenge to go from $0 to $5,000 MRR in 6 Months

Hey there! 👋

Hey there! I’m Bogusz. I’m 34 and based in Poland.

In the next 6 months (by the end of 2021) I’ll try to build some kind of web application (one or many) and grow it from $0 to $5,000 MRR .

And I'll do it in public. On my blog & twitter.

I'm pretty exited!

I started the journey with this post:

It'll be so cool to get some feedback from you guys!

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      Awesome thread! :) So I just need to beat the statistics ;)

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        Seems like that is just based on 20 selected ones too. Plenty of projects don't even get $1. Reaching $5k MRR within 14 months is honestly pretty "unicorn". I don't even think that chart counts all the work done beforehand. Unless you have all the work already ready and you're just timing your posts with the release of certain features. You're gonna have to beat some crazy statistics...you're gonna have to pull some rocket emoji levels of growth :)

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          For sure I don't have all the work done :) I have some work done (on two new projects, but nothing done yet). Rocket emoji growth sounds cool 🚀

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    "StreetLiveSaver" AKA Pieszochron (R) supports you!

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    It's important to know your why :) Good luck!

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      My WHY is to build cool stuff! :)

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    I'm joining the $5k/month challenge 😎 let's see who does it first!

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      Awesome! Let's go! 🔥

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    Fingers crossed, good luck!

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    Go for it! And of course, keep posted about the results ;-) I hope that it will be a good motivation also for me to constantly develop my own products.

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    Fingers crossed. 😎

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      Thanks for your support! 👊

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    I hope you succeed! Good luck :)

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    Really interesting challenge, all the best for that!

    I'm also running a similar venture, would you like to connect?



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      Sure :) Do you have anything public yet?

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        Yes I just released https://nowledge.xyz

        This is a product-first approach, no target market, I mainly built it for myself and to learn web dev as I was a noob. I'm trying to find if this could be useful to someone.

        My blog is available at https://tichit.net

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          Good start! This probably won't build you revenue ($1,95 a month), but can build you some audience.

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            Yes, I know it will not build revenue that's just a start but after thinking this I'm not convinced that my next focus will be market-first. I will focus on a fixed distribution channel, market look for their problems and build a solution.

            Looks like the best way to get to ramen profitability, which is my goal for the end of the year (1k MRR)

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              That's a great way to build new products.

              Picking the right customer is more important than picking the right product.

              I wrote about this in this thread 👇

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    Looking forward to hearing updates on your progress!

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    Nice challenge! Would love to do a call with you to help you validate ideas

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      Thanks :) I'll keep your offer in my mind ;)

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    Keep my fingers crossed Bogusz🤞. It will be great to read through your experience! It will be great adventure though 😉

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    Is this going to be somehow connected with your Facebook group?

    Good luck and keep us posted

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      Thanks! Not exactly connected, but of course I'll post some news there as well.

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    That's a really ambitious goal! Best of luck from a fellow countryman!

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    The fact that you're including building it within that time frame as well, makes it even more challenging. But at the same time, I'm guessing that you're planning on either reusing some pre-existing code or making something extremely simple? (you say "web application", not an ebook, course, video, etc, which might require a smaller time investment).

    Great goal, best of luck!

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      Thanks! I have some ideas and some coding already done. I will explain everything in next blog post. I will probably team up with another developer to speed up the coding process (coding is so time consuming).

      And yes it will be an web app :)

    2. 1

      And I have some experience how to sell stuff.

      I've built:

      • 1 SaaS company (only local market)
      • 4 online courses (only local market)
      • 1 membership platform (only local market)

      Now I'll try to do it on global market (I mean "English speaking" ) :)

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