I'm starting an NFT Collection, AMA

Hey IH I'm moyo I am the founder of NFT Hunt (nfthunt.fun) an NFT Discovery platform.

I recently sold to DNS.xyz for 6 figures and now i decided to start an NFT Collection Myself. They'll be called FACEVATAAARS (https://facevataaar.softr.app). A PFP Project on the tezos chain (Clean NFTs).

Would love to talk to the IH Community about this.

Lets talk I'll answer every comment!

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    How do you handle the automatic upload/minting of all your nfts? A friend is building a collection at the moment, and he does all the uploading with weird and slow browser automation tools ^^

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      Personally i'm not going through the minting route cause it favors whales not the average collector

      So instead i'm going the Listing, minting route

      Not recognized the automatic minting tools yet but for now its all about community

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    For a person that really wants to do the same but doesn't know how to start, do you have any tutorial suggestions or advice?

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      Sure the biggest trap is creating one without a utility or two that gets people excited

      You need to have an ideal world in your mind when starting out.

      NFT collections are just like startups tbh.

      Product has to be good and solving a problem
      The NFT has to look good and solving a "problem" mine is bringing the tezos ecosystem together.

      Then market with the pain point

      Just normal things you'll do in a startup

      I must add to have a mildly successful launch you might need to engage with the community for a while or find someone to partner with

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