Productized Services August 12, 2020

I'm stuck with productize services

Fajar Siddiq 👨🏻‍💻🇸🇬🏝️ @fajarsiddiq

Found my first company promo code launch
back in 2011 doing design agency focusing on small business owners for branding & marketing

My journey begins as graphic designer in 2005
Been doing productize services since in 2012 & wanting to do better!

Any Tips?

Twitter thread continues as i will solve this problem.

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    If you need help in video making - Hire an editor.
    if you need help in content writing - Hire a content writer.
    if you need help in coding - Hire coder.
    If it's one time task - Hire a freelancer or ask a friend like me :)
    If it's recurring task - Hire an employee.

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      haha i know this quote, very good and wise tips too.
      yes one time task i can manage it.
      recurring is the one you need to hire employee.
      Cost maybe vary, so i will do like a contract basis for them
      But managing them is another thing, but what they have done for my client work which is execution is another thing. Getting the results is very important so i can do a repeat process to grow the business

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        Yes. Initially start with a person whom you know personally and know their work.

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    Salam Fajar,

    I think you need to first break down your problems and thoughts in to manageable or solvable chunks.

    1. You want to hire people.
    2. You want to manage them
    3. You also want to scale this

    Firstly you need to get comfortable working with people. You are mostly good there. In my experience, Initially when I started working with people or hired someone to do my work I was expecting people to do my level of work, which is wrong.

    When we work alone, we use all knowledge we have in our head and make things. But when we work with other people we have to be good at shaping the work instructions with clear information and expectations. Most of the time we go wrong here.

    So you need to get better at communicating what you want to people you hire. This is first step. Secondly you need to improve your skills in making people do their best work, by moving out of their way and keeping the motivated use principles from Drive mentioned at I know you are very good at motivating people.

    Once you get better in these the next step is to think in systems and processes. One important concept of productized consulting is fixed scope, fixed cost. You also focus on one type of audience and one type of videos so you can make a repeatable system and process to get same results your clients expect. Next you automate it using checklists, templates, reusable video clips etc.

    After this you use this system and process with your freelancers / employees to get same good results everytime. At this time you also save time to deliver work because you made system and process to save time.

    Hope I answered your question you asked me in telegram group.

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      Yes i manage teams before.
      But i need to find a better team with better skillset
      So i can hire them. Scale is done for a long time.
      Demand is there as i have client base.

      Thanks for sharing me the video, more on the principles about managing people.

      • templates is great ! i did this too as well. Easy to execute, but time is on my side.
      • i will need more digital asset stocks so i can do more things quickly not just for myself for others.
      • Automation checklist is important too!! ;)

      oh yes, same results for freelancers/employees too!! this is hard but i will try.
      I got some resources to hire people. Hope they can do the same standards of my work for clients too.

      Thanks for replying Khaja!

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    I think a place to start might be working out where your spending the time and what's bringing in the money.

    If there are tasks like admin stuff that is taking too much time maying a VA is the way to go?

    Or if its editing videos or writing content maybe you need to find someone part time to come on board.

    But if your going to hire you need to make sure you have enough work to keep them busy and keep the money rolling in.

    It's not an easy step to make so timing is key.

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      YES VA/Admin way to go!
      I don't want to find another co-founder, just need someone to handle some of my task so i can grow the team/services.

      Thank you James!!!! Good advice

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        No problem at all, hope it helps!

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          Which website offer these service's

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            I'm not sure that's a good place to start, I think you need to work out what you want to look at hiring for first,

            Then check your network. There might be people out there that are good at those tasks and are looking for some work.

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              Yes, got your point. Thanks James

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    Turn what you've learned into a digital product?

    Thinking of @AndrewKamphey's course

    And @levelsio's book

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      haha thanks Dru, i read that long time ago too, yes pieters book too.
      joined - but now i still curious on management in teams.

      I have client based already but how to productized service manage their teams and where do i find them? This is recruiting related.

      I know how to do the business model, pricing, digital services i'm offering. Been doing that since 2012. The thing is i'm lack of manpower as the company grows and i can't do this alone.

      So that's why my topic is how can i do it better?

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    Confused by the question here. What do you mean you “want to do better?”. What’s wrong with a productized service?

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      haha no don't be confused brett.
      nothing wrong.

      I have issues with growing a team for my productize service.
      I don't see any topic discussions related to this.
      So wanted to discuss further more on this.

      Is there a site for this? So i can create more jobs for dedicated developers/designers.

      Also found a facebook group for outsourcing masters "Freelancers" and more as i can hire more people as the demand of my services grows - and

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