I'm thinking about giving away one of my Shopify Apps

Been thinking about this for a bit.

I've seen a few giveaways for macbooks and such, but would IH be interested in partaking in a Twitter giveaway for a Shopify App?

It's at ~$170 MRR.

How to enter:

You'd have to buy my course on how to find saas ideas (one entry) + the usual follow, like, and retweet (where each engagement is 1 entry into the draw)

New to this giveaway thing.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this!

  1. 2

    Cool idea 💡

    1. 1

      Appreciate the feedback, @Shaunau!

      1. 1

        Just looked for your courses - perhaps drop a link here, to get the ball rolling?

        1. 2

          Oh dang! Sure thing: https://tomzaragoza.gumroad.com/l/saas-ideas

          I'm not 100% sure I want to do this just yet, so to anyone else reading, pls only get the course if you're interested in the course itself :)

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