I'm trying to learn more about copywriting, so I designed people's landing pages, here are my learnings!

Ever since I read this quote (don't recall where from), i've been reading up about copywriting and how to improve my designs by taking it into consideration, so I asked people on Twitter to give me a one-liner about their project and i'd pick one to redesign.

When an ad for music lessons was changed from "Put music in your life" to "Puts music in your life", it brought in 3 times more leads.

Before and After

before and after

Before I start, I wanted you to know that this was done in 2 days, there are a ton of improvements that can be made, but for the time spent, I think it's a fairly good outcome.

Above the Fold

above the fold

  1. The title was already great, it shows the value you get out of using Leesa right away.
  2. The description needed more work, so I explained how Leesa does what it claims to.
  3. Because it's a new product, there's no one using it yet, and so no social proof. I added 'Unsubscribe at anytime' to alleviate some of the friction potential users may have.
  4. A GIF showing how Leesa works, to further cement how the product will work.

Below the Fold

below the fold

Now that we're below the fold, we want to further cement the product's features and its promises. Is starting easy? What do I need to get started? How long will it take to setup? All answered.

Additional Features

additional features

In the original landing page, there was no mention of any other features, after talking to the founder, there were 2 features that would make sense to add.

  1. You can extract data, improving your decision making.
  2. You can integrate with existing solution like Slack, Intercom, etc.
    Feature #2 is still being built, but it's always good to let your customers know what you have planned, it might just make them more likely to sign up.

The Final CTA and Founder's Note

final cta and founder's note

Finally, I added a final CTA and a little 'founder's note', again, to give more credibility as there is no social proof yet.
I'm very excited for them to launch this landing page and compare the results to the original and see how well it performs, still got a lot to learn about copywriting but i'm loving it. Throw in your constructive feedback, i'd love to know what you think!

Here are some of the questions I asked to better understand their product

  • Who will be using this product? (Please be as specific as possible)
  • What problem is this product going to solve for them?
  • What’s a measurable real-world outcome that the user may have after using your product?
  • Does your product require any development knowledge to start using it?
  • Can you describe what your user needs to do to have access to your final product? (i.e. You mention ‘upload your knowledge base’, what does that exactly mean? Is it a JSON file? Is it a simple Q&A? — please be as specific as possible)
  1. 2

    Thanks for sharing these insights!

    Will definitely be taking a look once more at these when I start redesigning BMN's homepage!

    Have a great day!

    1. 1

      Glad you found them helpful, good luck with BMN!

  2. 2

    This was great! The font and color selection made such a huge difference.
    What tool did you build this with?

    1. 1

      Thank you, I use Figma!

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