I'm writing a blog for developers. What do you think?

Hello everybody!

I'm writing some articles for developers on my blog for some years already, but unfortunately I don't have much feedback.

My goal with this blog is simply to help. I would like to make some course one day (when I'll be settle how to really give some value), so I practice by writing. I love it, too!

Do you like the content? The illustrations? The way I'm writing? Do you see any possible improvement?

A big thank for everybody willing to help! <3

EDIT: of course I forgot the URL :D -> https://thevaluable.dev/

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    This may be highly specific to me, but I hate blogs telling me how many minutes it will take me to read a post. The author has no idea how long it will take and the estimates are always pretty insultingly slow, too.

    The pictures are a bit distracting, too. I understand the rationale for having one for an open graph image, but I definitely don't want several breaking up the text.

    On the content side, what kinds of things are you hoping the blog helps people with? Reading it, it looked a bit more like a personal blog focused on your own stories. That's fine and I've blogged like that myself, but it's definitely a higher bar to get people to read that kind of site.

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      Interesting. Thanks for the feedback!

      About the personal story, I often begin with them that's true, but it's just an introduction to go into a precise subject. If you open the menu, you'll see about what I'm writing.
      Basically, I'm trying to focus on the basics developers should know to be more productive and produce quality: good practices, soft skills, using the terminal a bit more...

      It's the first time I hear any complain about the "how long will it takes to read the article". To be honest, I don't care about them most of the time, but it doesn't bother me either. Why you don't ignore them?

      Your comment on the pictures makes me think. Personally, I like breaking up the text. Too much text is a bit... dry. But I never realized that some people would not like that.
      Thanks for that!

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        Why you don't ignore them?

        By the time I realize what they are, I've already read them and realized they are lying!

        Too much text is a bit... dry.

        I can happily read hundreds of pages of text day after day! In fact, I often find books far more engaging than the movies based on them.

        There are definitely a wide variety of tastes out there and you'll probably have the most success attracting readers with tastes similar to your own.

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    Hey Matthieu, there's in issue with your website. It loads for 2 seconds without the css and then finally after 1-2 seconds loads the css.

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      Thanks to spot that! I fixed it now.

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    I noticed flash of unstyled content occurring on your site. By the way, your website looks very nice and I enjoy your writings.

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      Thank you! I noticed as well about the flash now you say it, I will look at that.

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    Hey Matthieu, I really like your blog. The post about expert blindspot is great. One thing that I would suggest is to be more considerate of inclusive language 😉 Other than that, keep doing your awesome job!

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      Thank you! Do you have an example of inclusive language?

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    keep writing. don't stop. it'll make you a better developer... and it'll help build a pipeline of interested folks who will follow and track your progress!

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      Thanks for the advice! I love writing, so I don't want to stop.

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        i've been writing for 19+ years. it's a huge strategy of mine!

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    It's https://thevaluable.dev/, right? It's pretty cool. I read the article about expert blindspot. I love the personal story.

    I recently posted in Writing Feedback group looking for some feedback for my blog (kodeblok.com). Seems like a lot of people love personal stories event if the article is technical by nature.

    BTW you have the coolest article images I've ever seen 😎

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      Thanks a lot! I didn't think about posting that in Writing Feedback.

      I like your blog to. It's very simple, in a good sense.

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    Where do I look for the URL?

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      Sorry, I forgot about it, of course... :D It's https://thevaluable.dev/

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