Image Processing SaaS Landing Page - Feedback wanted ❤️🙏

Hello everyone,

my name is Tim, I'm 22 and I'm from Germany.
I'm here to gather some feedback for my first side project called imghop (https://imghop.dev).

Imghop is an image processing service made by developers for developers.
I personally always struggled with image uploads inside projects: it was a repetitive task to set up a S3-Bucket, a CDN and also the optimization task. Therefore I looked for external services, but I got confused with their pricing. My personal budget is small and therefore I want to know how much I pay each month in advance. And I also definetly want to avoid those horror-bills when something goes viral (or wrong).

I would highly appreciate if you could take a look at my landingpage / product and provide me some feedback.
I would love to know if the landing page shows you what my product does and why YOU should choose imghop over competitors (or doing it yourself). Also I want to know if you find it a good fit for devs.

Thanks everyone in advance ❤️

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    Hi Tim, I feel the landing page is good enough. Probably, a video in some page could also help visitors understand what the product does.

    It's weekend and I took time to feature your product on ProductStartups - https://www.productstartups.com/imghop-image-processing-service-developers/

    Feel free to write to me for any edits.


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      Hello Venkat,

      thank you very much for your feedback and for posting it on your website!
      I'm unsure about the video: Are devs gonna watch a video or they just want to see code? I personally prefer code, that's why I put the code-editor on my page. My assumption might be wrong though!

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        Yeah Tim, in the homepage, code is better. I just said in future if you ever make "How it works" process as a video, non-developers like me also will be able to learn about your product. It could be posted in some other pages.

        Good luck to you.

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    Message is clear, page is simple and has a clean design.
    One thing I've found at mobile device: If you see code-box in portrait mode, it's ok. But if you switch to landscape mode, the code box is still small.
    Would be better to enlarge the code box to make it better readable?

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      Thanks for the feedback :)

      That's a really good find which I didn't test! I will try to fix that asap.

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    I understand exactly what the tool does from the landing page, which is a great start.

    I think you've made poor use of space with the grey text (starting "imghop takes"). The giant code block signals that this is a developer-first product already.

    I'd suggest taking a strong stance (eg. "Developer-first image handling") in the purple text, then use the grey text space to really hit home with the benefits and pain reduction (saving time, setup, maintenance etc).

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      Thanks for your feedback! :)
      I will have at the look of the wording and try to make it more striking/clear!

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    Very cool, where are you hosting the images?

    An FAQ would be great.

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      Thank you very much :)

      I'm hosting the images on Digital Ocean Spaces in Frankfurt, Germany.
      And that's a good suggestion! I will work on one!

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    I think your google button violates the design brief ^^

    So if its for developers by developers where is all the technical juice? File formats and sizes and such, devices considered, integrations

    So your storing different formats? How does that reflect into my storage usage?

    Why you "hiding" the CDN not telling me what your using, I assume you didn't build your own

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      Hi there,

      thanks for the feedback :)

      1. I actually didn't know that there was such thing :D

      2. What do you mean by technical juice? My approach was showing the example code which shows how easy it is.

      3. I want a "it just works experience". Therefore I didn't mention the file format and the CDN, but I should write that down somewhere. Is that important to you?

      4. I serve the images as webP if the client supports it, else as jpeg. That's what my job is. You don't have to care about formats, imghop gonna take care about it

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        If it's for experienced developers, I'd want to know your doing stuff at least to my expected level and/or to the spec I have/received

        For bigger team and companies or for ones that serve a wider audience more details are important.
        For example most CDN don't have a pop is UAE and Australia used to be very uncommon, I might have already tested several CDNs and know about it, but if you not just telling me, your forcing me to manually test your solution, and I might filter you out before I do... (Same for other things like what image sizes do you hold for me cause it would affect client performance and costs... Are you making me force prime the cache with 1st cold requests? How do I remove old ones or how does expiry happen?)

        I don't mean it all has to be in the LP but if it's condensed maybe and if not a linked page with details

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          First of all, thank you very much for your detailed and long answer.
          You seem to know a lot about this field which is really interesting.

          I will try to get a short FAQ down on the Landing Page and then link to a more detailed page with a full list of all Pops etc.

          Is there any chance we could have a talk? I would love to get some more feedback/questions from you

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            Feel free to send me an email with some details

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    There's a typo on your landing page (experience and not expirience). Good luck !

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      Thank you very much! And that is a very good find, thanks!

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