Twitter September 12, 2020

Improve the gender distribution of your followers and those you follow

Rosie Sherry @rosiesherry

Thanks to @christina_p for Tweeting about this.

People often rave about Twitter growth in terms of likes, retweets and followers.

I'm here to tell you that's soooo 2019. 😅

The diversity of people is equally as important to expose us to different perspectives and not get so stuck in a bubble.

I've set myself a challenge of getting to following 50% women, I'll come back in a month or so with an update.

Will you join in with me?

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    I noticed this trend in my Indiehackers Twitter list,
    almost 90% on the list were men.

    Therefore, I started building a twitter list called femhackers to balance it out -

    Yes, I love twitter lists 😋

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    This is very helpful. I wonder if there's a tool for other types of diversity (e.g. race, geography, political views, age, etc.) Obviously some of those will be difficult or even problematic to track/measure. More of a thought experiment.

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    I remember doing this a year or two ago and getting my ratio to 50%+. I focused a lot on following women of color, as well. Looks like I've fallen off the wagon a little!

    I don't think anything has improved my Twitter experience as much as following women of color has.

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    Absolutely ashamed of my account. Let it be, at least, a perfect example of the topic @rosiesherry broght to our attention.

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    I've set myself a challenge of getting to following 50% women, I'll come back in a month or so with an update.

    This sounds like equality of outcome, which is not a good thing.

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      There is no equality of opportunity when the algorithms are built to reinforce survivorship bias in a system that is built to give advantage to certain players.

      'Equality of outcome' doesn't even begin to become a thing until the playing field is level, which it is not.

      Following more women on Twitter to create a more diverse timeline doesn't even equate to the tortured notion of 'equality of outcome' in any case. It's just a thing some of us want to do in order to broaden our horizons. Calling it 'equality of outcome' feels like a knee-jerk male privilege response that wasn't well thought-out before commenting.

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      Strongly disagree.

      Try living in the tech and business world as a woman (or other minority) and you will see what we see.

      Ensuring we have diversity in who we follow is super important for change that is needed in the world.

      I've been doing the same for black people and other minorities too.

      1. 7

        I'm for equality of opportunity and consider equality of outcome to be sexist/racist. It's okay to disagree though, that's life.

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