April 3, 2019

Improving ConvertKit UX with Custom User Styles

Alex Hillman @alexhillman

Hey IH!

I'm a very happy ConvertKit customer (it made our 2019 tech roundup and I'm just putting the finishing touches on a big post about our migration from Drip).

One of my handful of complaints about ConvertKit is some of the UI decisions, especially on the pages that display lists of automations, sequences, etc.

I know they are working on a lot of things, both behind the scenes and improvements to the UI, but in the mean time I started chipping away at my biggest UI complaints with a set of custom userstyles...the kind that can be "installed" with any browser add-on that lets you side-load custom styles for a specific site.

Over a few iterations (and the help of some friends with similar complaints), I've improved and open sourced the styles and thought CK users on Indie Hackers might be into using them!


Currently, this style set:

  • hides the dashboard graphs (they take up a TON of space and don't need to fill the whole screen every time I log in, pushing down the thing I really care about, which is usually subscriber tags or segments)
  • widens the right hand gutter on the "dashboard" page to allow for longer tags without wrapping
  • removes the preview on the automations page, allowing more automations to appear on the page at once
  • COMPLETELY reformats the sequences page into a high-info-density grid

In many cases, these improvements are focused entirely on usability and reducing clicks/scrolling, not making the page LOOK nicer.

Contributions/improvements welcome!

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