November 21, 2020

Improving surgery with a web-software based survey – we need your help

Magnus Baringer, MD @magnusbaringer
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    Dear IH-Community,

    I know this might be a little different post - but we hope it is appropriate nevertheless.
    I am a physician in reconstructive and plastic surgery with a passion for technology. A big part of my job is breast reconstruction (e.g. after breast cancer, malformations etc.). Usually, those surgeries are extremely stressful (and in case of cancer lifechanging) for patients - which makes decision taking very difficult for them in most cases. It is a fundamental part for surgeons to support and accompany patients on their way. Many important decisions have to be taken - by patients as well as by surgeons. E.g. in case of an asymmetry after breast cancer patients have to decide whether they prefer to live with an asymmetry or have an alignment done, which, however, leads to scars. As simple as this decision may sound to you - for most patients it is not.

    Unfortunately, the is no reliable data and research on a larger scale so far, that allows surgeons to better understand what patients (and society in general) accepts as an "aesthetically pleasing" outcome.

    Therefore I built a web based software, that is able to create relatively realistic models of various breast conditions - e.g. different breast sizes, asymmetries, scares and so on. I then built this software into a survey, that mixes different conditions in a pseudo-random way, that allows us to gather a vast amount of realiable data on a scale that has never been seen in this field of medicine before - which ultimately would significantly improve advice and also surgery for patients.

    Depending on the outcome of this study, I then want to build a software, that allows patients to just click through a stack of seemingly random (but in fact not at all random) breast conditions before consultation - and get a detailed report about their preferences which they can then take with them when they visit their surgeons for consultation.

    It would be awesome if you would sacrifice 5 minutes of your time to support this project.

    I am looking forward to answering any questions. Thank you for your time and support.

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      Here is the list of places you can post this survey for more responses. I use this as a reference

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