In 5 years time, I will have the biggest 'creator economy' business (& was first one to it in 2016) See how -->

Genflow builds and scales brands for top fitness and lifestyle creators. I see creators as businesses. Today, I am PM for 100s influencers. In 5 years, I will build a business of businesses - new, decentralised way to bring retail to market. New era after brand-first retail (Nike) and influencer-marketing retail (Gymshark) to influencer-first business.

I see merch brands Teespring and GlobalBelly but these are not unique to the creator and don't transcend creator values to the audience (no 1 way to build a recurring business). I see Pico and Stir but they miss that creator's biggest pain is not knowing how to best grow their audience and their business, not being unable to see their subscribers counts (everyone knows these :))

Let me know what you think. And PS I started my company 4 years ago - so I guess I created the creator economy

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    Hey @ShanHanif,

    It's hard to argue with someone who's been at this since 2016 and just raised $11m from BGF - congrats!

    I have a question for you - while Genflow is busy working with creators that have a pretty substantial following already, is it inevitable that you'll be creating a Genflow accelerator like a YC to identify future "brands", helping to insure a sustainable pipeline of talent?

    Or would you rather form an agreement with a YC-for-creators?

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    Audience-first businesses and influencer-first businesses are the future and brand to brand partnerships will be the most profitable marketing channels.

    I see lots of job posts for partnerships manager and I wonder how online ads will look like in the next decade.

    Genflow looks amazing and I am rooting for you people 👍

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