Product Development October 5, 2020

In need of custom illustrations

Mick @Primer

There are many free illustration sites out there eg undraw and the like. However they all cater to the same theme which is business.

I'm looking for a some lovely modern style illustrations that show the home cooking / home dining experience. Its weird that none of these sites have people sat at a dinner table eating food. It's a universal concept that we all do several times a day.

yet every one of these sites has illustrations of people standing at whiteboards lol

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    Check out this person:

    Worked with this illustrator -- great work, fair prices

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      Thanks I've reached out to her.

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    Not sure it’s exactly what you need but just throwing it out there:
    Women Who Draw

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    Hey Mick, Please take a look at Scale. Agreed, even I have many business-focused illustrations. You can reach out to me on [email protected] in case you want me to cover certain other topics. I should be able to get them round to you in a week or so.

    As is the promise of Scale - this is all free :).

    Let me know!

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      Very nice stuff I'm looking through it now.

  4. 1 is my first choice if I need illustrations

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        Thanks @rosiesherry

        @Primer I'm not primarily an illustrator so this may not actually be one for me, but just shout if I can help in any other way. Good luck too!

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          Cheers Thomas. I think I sickened myself of illustrations last night anyway lol. Just going to go for a generally stronger visual a la

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    haha I have a friend ( , she can do those personalized illustrations for you. I help her to find customers to do personalized illustrations for their projects.

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      Thanks I'll check her out.

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