Landing Page Feedback November 9, 2019

Inbox Stash - new landing page

Paul Metcalfe @pauldmet

Hello. Last night I finished redesigning the Inbox Stash landing page.

Previously it was just a list of newsletters with a filter and sort option.

I've split it up to highlight some as featured (possible monetization option) and show recent and popular. Then get all the categories on there to make browsing by interest easier.

Would appreciate any thoughts. Thank you 🙌

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    A lot fresher. Surprised by how quickly you flipped that round.
    Nice newsletter box prominence as well.

    I feel like the featured section could be an option to monetise also.

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      Thanks - feels a lot more useful. Not 100% happy with it and am sure it’s just an iteration. But a step forward.

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    I really like the idea of the website.

    As for your design, there needs to be a clear visual hierarchy because now we don't know where to look or where to go. Users bounce as soon as they think "what's going on here?"

    Consider also that a landing page's purpose is to say "this is why this website is so damn great" not "this is literally everything on the site."

    Also, your CTA required me looking for it. You want that to be jumping out to users, just like the "POST COMMENT" button staring me down as I write this.

    You cannot-not see it - your eyes gravitate to it.

    Consider the people on your website. I make at least two routes for people:
    Person 1: The "I am interested in this, but can't be bothered to read a single thing" user and
    Person 2: The "let me examine everything" user

    You want both demographic's email, so try to limit your landing page to things that are clearly there to grab an email for Person 1, and also put only your most intriguing content on the landing page to pull Person 2 in to explore more if they need more convincing.

    1. 1

      Thank you. Very helpful perspective.

      You're right about the CTA. It's currently "hidden away" as I'm not yet totally clear on the value I'm providing in exchange for the email address. It's a work in progress and as I define it, will move the CTA up front and center.

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    Nice job! I would work a little bit more on spacing, definitely can make the site look better by giving some breathing space to design elements. Also, there is a lot of visual competition between the elements, try to work a little bit on the visual hierarchy.

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      Cool. Thanks. Just off to google visual hierarchy... got a lot to learn

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    I didn't see the old version but I definitely love the design. Seems like you show the important things on the first page. easy to understand what it is and to navigate. I like the different categories. A nice way to quickly find newsletters I might be interested in.

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      Awesome. Thanks for taking a look and taking the time to tell me 👍

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    Thought of something else - you could add a sticky "scroll to top" chevron, or make the menu bar sticky so that it stays on top while you scroll the page. I also agree that having pictures behind the categories looks nice and would add a greater visual element to the page. Lastly, @steveconnect is right about the footer. You could take inspiration from the Indie Hackers footer.

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      Scroll to top added (thanks - that was a good idea) and I changed the footer to at least get some more menu items down there. Will revisit a better footer design later.

    2. 1

      Cool. Thanks. Will look at those points. Agree that on the scroll to top. And if I improve the footer, it will have all the links down there as well.

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    Needs a better footer.

    1. 1

      Updated the footer. Nothing exciting but a quick fix to get more menu nav on there.

    2. 1

      😆 now that wasn’t feedback I expected from anyone. Thought nobody looked at footers. But, yeah, could do with some work

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    I like it but personally I would change te design of the categories into something with pictures like:

    1. 1

      Thanks. Will look into pics instead of the icons.

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