Increase conversions by offering a discount when someone is about to abandon their purchase

A ton of potential customers ditch their purchases at the last moment. Prevent these hard-earned sales from falling through by offering discounts before users leave the checkout flow.

Cart abandonment rates are at 69.57% globally. But a lot of potential customers who've made it to the final purchasing steps can be nudged over the line with a small discount. NameBadge got 6.8% of these users to stay on the site and complete their purchases by offering a 15% discount. To detect when users were preparing to abandon their carts, the company used an exit-intent popup which displayed the offer when users moused outside of the window as if they were going to leave. The popup form required users to enter their email addresses to receive discount codes, so NameBadge didn't only convert more sales but they also added subscribers to their mailing list.

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