Increase conversions by ruthlessly eliminating signup fields

Ruthlessly eliminate signup fields to convert more users.

Alan Warsoff of SelfDecode ($17,000/mo) increased his conversion rate by ruthlessly eliminating unnecessary fields from his signup form. He eventually managed to cut it down to two fields — email address and confirm email address. This tactic doesn't mean that you should avoid seeking additional data from new users, just that you'll allow this to happen later in the signup flow after they've submitted the bare essentials and created their accounts.

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    Interesting that he has a double email field. This is a highly unusual thing to do. Given his desire to cut down input fields (a practice I agree with), why not just one email field?

  2. 1

    Don't even need that, just use Google Login. I added it to my site as the first option (email if you don't have google) and 95% of people now use Google Login.

  3. 1

    I have a created a dating website. what i have observed is that, when users signup, they are not clicking the activation link sent to their emails.
    Is there a way i can redo this?

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