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Increase sales by selling bundles at a discount

Increase your sales by selling bundles of your products at a 50% discount.

As soon as Bastien Siebman of Asana Superheroes ($800/mo) started bundling his products, he saw an increase in sales. When he released his second e-book, he sold it both individually and bundled with his first e-book and a few templates at a 50% discount. Then he focused his promotional efforts on this bundle rather than on the individual products. He still sells each product individually as well, but says it's much easier to promote a big package — especially when it comes with a big discount. Each new bundle tends to appeal to a broader subset than a new product would.

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    Great points. Remember to bundle accordingly. Bundle "like" items, but throw in a different product that can gear them towards that side maybe as well. Play around with bundle ideas and see what works best, only you know your products best.

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