Increase traffic by improving on others' link-worthy content

Improve upon a competitor's link-worthy content and get people to link to your content instead, increasing your organic traffic.

Brian Dean of BackLinko did this and increased his organic search traffic by 110% in just 14 days — that single post drove more than 300,000 referrals to his site. To do this yourself, find link-worthy content and create something even better by making it longer, more thorough, and/or more up-to-date. Then reach out to people who are linking back to the original article and let them know what's better about your version so that they'll link to you instead. To get started, head to Ahrefs or SEMrush and export all the links pointing to your competitor's content. Then reach out with the email template at the bottom of this article.

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    subscribed, I like the stuffs you post :)

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    Can anyone recommend any free backlink tools (not a trial)?

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    Great advice, thanks for sharing!

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