Increase your Stripe revenue with no upfront cost

Hey, all!

Recently I was looking at implementing an abandoned checkout email flow for my product SEOCopy. During the day I work for an ecommerce company, and abandoned checkout reminder emails usually convert at about 18% for us... so I thought I'd get one integrated ASAP.

However, I couldn't find a product that matched my needs without spending time developing it with the Stripe API, and so after speaking to a few other makers, I've decided to build it.

So... 🥁... Introducing my new product: Recover.so 🥳

Recover abandoned Stripe checkouts and convert more customers. No upfront fees. Only pay when we successfully convert an abandoned checkout.

Sign up for early access today! I'm going to have the MVP launched in the next few days 🙏

P.s. I know other Stripe emailing tools exist, but I'm focusing this specifically around recovering abandoned checkouts with no-code required at all. I want it to be very easy process to get setup.

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